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Monday, August 10, 2015

Monday, Monday; BACK TO SCHOOL Prep.

From Back To School, August 2013

     Well, it's Monday, 10 days before the first day of the new school year.  This week my daughters find out which homeroom teacher they'll be blessed with; and perhaps more importantly, what friends will share their fate.
      Got the backpacks, and the lunch boxes.  Clothes are another matter, entirely.  The older, says she's good for the most part, but wants to focus on being a tad more kawaii.   If you are an unsavvy parent such as I, kawaii means cute; fashionable.  Honestly, I have not been under a rock.  My younger, wants an entirely new wardrobe, but I know better.  This is the one, who will wear the same outfit three times a week, regardless of what she has.  So, we'll see.
     The reason for my writing this post, is a video that I saw of LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER,  that's about Sex Ed.
What better time to share this video and a few thoughts on the matter, than in a back to school post?

     Click here-> BACK TO SCHOOL, to read my post from 2013.  It includes all you ever wanted to know about the reason for bringing an apple to the teacher.

     Now, for this year,  I want to say a word or two, (or more) about Sex Ed.  
I am a huge advocate of comprehensive Sex Education, as stated in the following posts:
     (click on any title that you'd like to read)
Let's Talk About Sex
Do Me A Favor
Let's Talk About Sex again, was a post I ran last year.  It was a re-posting of "Let's Talk About Sex" with an update to include to great posts by other writers.  So, here are the links to those 2 posts:
     A great article by Megan Maas8 Tips for the "Sex Talk" With Your Kids
 and here's a great letter from a mom to a son"Son, It's Okay If You Don't Get Laid Tonight"
then lastly:

     As John Oliver eloquently points out; unlike Calculus; sex will be used after each and every student is through with schooling.  THAT IS 100% FOR CERTAIN.  SO TELL ME WHY, NOT ONE THING IS TAUGHT ABOUT IT IN 56% OF OUR NATION'S SCHOOLS?   
Why do 28 of our states not require one iota of information about sex from our schools, when without a doubt, regardless of whether a student becomes a lawyer, butcher, baker or candlestick maker; or doesn't even graduate from high school; 
THEY WILL ENGAGE IN SEX OF SOME SORT, many times throughout the rest of their lives!

Since we are not a country that mandates who has kids and who does not; nor do we mandate on what is taught in the home, it seems to me to be a simple way to help ensure the welfare of our future.

     I don't know about anyone else, but I got mad as hell when Jeb Bush stated his opinion that he didn't think we need 500 million for women's health issues.  For the record folks, THAT IS AN EXAMPLE OF EXACTLY WHAT I MEANT WHEN I POSTED:
From my post, "Here's A Tip..."

No, I don't think kindergartners should be taught about birth control methods.  I do think they should be taught about the correct names for all the body parts, and about boundaries about touching.  Then with each year there's a little bit more added, all the while building on what's already been taught. 

Make sense?  Hope so.

I'll close with John Oliver's video:

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