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Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Must Be A Lot of Naked Boyfriends Out There...

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     Originally posted this post 8/21/2015.  
     Life happens, and with everything else going on in the world, other things grab our attention.  However, some nutty, less serious shtuff, such as this still goes on. 
     It's a little nuts around here, as I know it is in many families' homes this time of year.  So, I hope this brings some smiles, and maybe a few laughs.  I hope you enjoy a lighter side to end the week.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend. Give $1 or two if you enjoy...

Hope you like the cartoon.

Last holiday season, I was looking online to make up my Christmas list.
Just as looking up the toys on my daughters' lists, it didn't take long for me to get irritated.

     When looking through different clothing sites, I kept coming across the term Boyfriend.  It is used to describe a style of women's clothing.  Sounds innocuous enough.  There are:  Boyfriend Blazers; Boyfriend Sweaters; Boyfriend Sweats; and Boyfriend Jeans.
      I suspect this term refers to the time in a young woman's life, when after spending a night with a "boyfriend"; she does not wish to go out to breakfast, (or lunch) in the previous night's ensemble.  The obliging beau du jour lends (wink wink) her a pair of jeans.  Usually these are a pair that have been broken in over at least a couple of years of wear.  They have larger waists, with the same measurement throughout the hips.  Men's jeans are generally not made to "hug curves," because men don't have curves.  At least not the same curves that women have.  So often, when a woman puts on a pair of an amour's jeans, they're a little slouchy.  If they are so big that they might drop in mid street, an oxford, sweatshirt and or sweater, may also be required.
     These, by definition are boyfriend's clothing.  Or at least the previous night's hook-up's clothes. For some, this is a none too subtle way of letting all know, who's with whom.  At the very least, nothing shouts out what's been goin' on, quite as clear as a coed sitting across from a boy at the local diner, wearing a 3 sizes too big sweatshirt from his Alma Mater.

     So... with this being said, if the average male of 20 something cannot fit into an item of clothing,  such as the items below, THEY REALLY SHOULD NOT USE THE TERM BOYFRIEND.

     Let's start with the Boyfriend Blazer.
Nordstrom carries a Mural Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer for $79:
No boyfriend of mine, not even the European, would have been caught dead.

The point... to getting a boyfriend's blazer is to get one of these:

Now those are some nice blazers.  They're all from Ralph Lauren.

Next, Boyfriend Sweats.  

Wouldn't you know, Victoria Secret has Boyfriend Sweats.
Again, can't really imagine a boyfriend shopping for sweats, whether for a girlfriend or himself, at Victoria Secret.

For me, just give me 100% cotton, and I'm good.

For Boyfriend Sweaters, please, just get a well made, unisex sweater, and you'll have it for longer than most of your boyfriends.

Last of all my fav, (in that it doesn't make one lick of sense) the Boyfriend Jeans.

Anthropologie did have Boyfriend Jeans for $279.  Think if a boyfriend could afford nearly $300 for a pair of jeans, he'd buy them without holes.  However, a boyfriend that can afford to throw money around- it should be no biggie to borrow a pair.  Even permanently.

And these are only $179. 

Now to Sundance.

Sundance has Boyfriend Jeans that are sized  26"-31".  This is for the waist.  
     Go get a measuring tape and make a circle that's 31 inches.  Uh huh.  Guess they're not made for football players.  Or any woman that eats.  At least there's not as many holes.

     I admit, I'm an old fuddy duddy prude, and it's never made sense to me to pay for jeans with holes already in them.  It always seems:  more holes=higher price.
Still; I'd like to see any guy try to get his ass into any to these pairs of "boyfriend jeans."

     Here's a final thought.
     If you so desire a pair of Boyfriend Jeans, then buy a pair of men's jeans.
They'll be 100%  cotton.  For some reason women's tend to be cotton with lycra or polyurethane. Why, I haven't a clue.  No matter what brand, they'll cost less than women's "Boyfriend Jeans", and pretty much any other pair of jeans made for women.

This goes for Boyfriend's Sweaters; Boyfriend's Sweats; and Boyfriend Blazers as well.

Tell everyone they're from that old beau- and the jeans were the best thing about him- and now they're yours.

I won't tell a soul.

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