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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Ho! HO! Ho! HO! HUH?

     This is a post from a few years ago... overall, just a gentle reminder to try to keep your sense of humor... especially during the holiday season! 

     Did you see that Ol' Saint Nick will be charging the kiddies $50 to sit upon his knee?  Don't know about you, but that is just another reason to... well, wait a moment; maybe there are some really special treats that justify the cost.

     So, included in the price, kids can get a simulated sleigh ride; everyone say, "WHEEE!!!" 

Elves have gotten better looking over the years...
not to mention taller.

They get to hear a few songs sung by "elves"->

And they get to design a gingerbread house on an iPad.  

No, they don't get to keep the iPad.  Nor do they get to sample the building supplies or get the consequential tasty sticky fingers, as WHEN BUILDING AN ACTUAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE.  On the bright side, at least you won't have a sugary, tantalizing, invitation sitting around on your mantle all December, just beckoning a visit from Santa Mouse.  Keep in mind it is still November.  Santa Mouse's relations may very well swing by for an early visit.

     Overall, after looking into the local Dreamworks Dreamplace, I don't think it's any more outrageous than what is now the traditional Christmas Creep, that accompanies the season.   

     No question, as the song from the 1966 Broadway musical Mame, clearly states, "We Need A Little Christmas".  

     However, somehow, I've never seen Shrek as a beacon of the holiday spirit.

     Here, they flicked on the downtown holiday lights a few days after Halloween and the radio stations switched to their holiday reels last week.   Starbuck's kicked off the month, with a melodrama over the design of its cups.  

I'll admit, I'm feeling a little Scroogish.  

Good ol' Lewis Black  says it well.

So for now, I close with a quote from dear old Ebenezer:

"Keep Christmas in your way, and let me keep it in mine"

Tough old bird.
Speaking of birds have you seen this?  

For a few more laughs... hopefully...check out~

Originally posted on 11/18/15

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