A Little Dab of This & A Little Dash of That

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Off The Beaten Path

     As the title says, " A Little Dab of This & A Little Dash of That."

     School starts in just a few days, so for today I thought I'd finish up the week with some eye candy from the past.  

     The above photo is of a couple of Karmann Gias, made by Volkswagen; probably in the late 50's-60's.  As fate would have it, I've spent the last hour or more looking through photos, and cannot find this photo again to answer any details as to the exact year, or location.  Still, aren't they lovely?  I've often hoped that Volkswagen would rethink/revamp them, the way they did the Beetle.  They were made during the time when cars were works of art.
    Today, I look to cars for nothing more than a mode of transportation.  Unless I'm stuck in traffic, and can read the emblem, I can't tell the difference between most models.  I miss the time when that wasn't the case.
      Case in point:

A Jaguar XK120 from 1948-'54

and today's Jag

The Rolls Royce 1959:


 ... and the Rolls Royce 2015 ->

Is it just me?

Thankfully, we still have Bond; James Bond.
No matter who's playing Bond, you can always bet that he'll be driving something that you'd love to take for a spin and that you could never put a booster seat in.

      Ol' James didn't drive many convertibles.   Not as much gizmo potential I guess.  One of the few, was a Sunbeam Alpine Roadster.

Grace Kelly also drove a Sunbeam Alpine Roadster in,
To Catch a Thief.

Of course it never hurts, to be cruising along a European coastline; or any other scenic highway.

Whatever your path, and whatever your mode of transportation...
Enjoy your weekend.

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