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Monday, August 17, 2015


     When I started writing this, I wondered: will I ever post this?  
     The photo above, is from the internet.  I found it interesting that it was also used in a post on the site, Valley Dad, "Twins+I.V.F =None of your business".  Considering the subjects of this post are abortion, and Planned Parenthood, I thought it may provide a tad of levity. 

     At the time of starting the post, I was working on another, "Let's Be Clear..."  that touches on abortion.  Then, in the last few weeks I have seen that some buffoons are spreading "news" about Planned Parenthood.  

If you don't want to read further, please just visit this page:


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I am so enraged every time I see an article, such as:

Ohio State Rep. Teresa Fedor Opens Up About Her Rape And Abortion During Debate Over 'Heartbeat Bill'

or worse even:
Can you imagine?  Death threats because you chose to make public something that is so extremely personal.

What if the shoe was on the other foot?

Have you seen this?

A French film showing men what being a woman feels like kinda nails it.

     Click the link to the film.  It's short.  It is disturbing.  But then consider; so many women endure parts of what that man went through, every day of their life, and for them, it's their version of a normal day.

     This is not to imply that all women who decide to have an abortion, have undergone some traumatic circumstances prior.  Different women will make different choices.  Yeh, just like men.  Some are due to health, some are due to financial.  Some, it's not the right time.  Remember; it's $245,000 to raise 1 kid from baby to 18.  Don't want one?  Don't get one.  Raise your kids to know how babies happen, and hope despite all of the efforts, you're not an example of "life happens when you're making other plans." 

However, it's really none of my business.  And it's really none of yours.

Again; it needs to be available, safe, legal, and above all, private.

     For every politician that claims that by being pro-life they're saving lives; I would like to hear the name of each of those lives that were saved; that came into the world, and how that politician continues to save.  How, that politician was involved with after the baby was born.  I want to hear how they helped the scared young moms, through the difficulty pregnancies and labor.  I want to hear how the politician mended all the psychological scars that the mothers bore.  How the politician mended all.  I want to hear how those children are happy, at are at the top of her/his class, and have such bright futures thanks to what that politician contributed of their time and money to ensure.  Since the politician is so concerned; this is the least they could and should do.  
     Now, we have the angry preacher candidate, (the one, if any I would hope to see empathy and compassion from) sharing that if elected to Commander in Chief, he might use the highly trained American military, (those that are trained to ensure the freedom and safety of all Americans; including women) to help shut down abortion clinics.  Talk about abuse of power.  Somebody needs to explain to me how that melodramatic idea is a Christian notion.  Even in the case involving the rape of a child.  As I stated in, "How Many Rapists/Rape Victims Do You Know?": 
 "Life is a beautiful thing.  Babies having babies is not."

     Whenever I hear of a politician talk about trying to end safe, legal, private abortion, I think, oh yes, cause nothing inspires a person to greatness as an adult, as not being wanted as a child.  I'm not talking rich or poor; I'm talking wanted.  

     Right now there is a lot in the news about Planned Parenthood.  Dr. Ben Carson challenges everyone to research the founder, Margaret Sanger, who is described as being a racist, and practiced Eugenics.  I find it interesting that it's being brought as further justification to defund an organization that has helped millions.  Perhaps instead, just as with George Washington (racist), Winston Churchill (racist and misogynist), and Mahatma Gandhi (misogynist), as most of the men we describe as our "Founding Fathers," (racists); we keep the good that they contributed, and build on it, but hesitate before elevating them to a pedestal.  I want Planned Parenthood around for the generations to come for the same reason that I valued it so when I was young.    Given Dr. Carson's statements about defunding Planned Parenthood, and his insight about homosexuality, it's a relief to know he's no longer practicing medicine. Wonder if people know that he's been a Republican for less than a year?  Before that, he was not registered with any party.  Did he even vote?  Don't know.

     What is it going to take, to get them to understand?  

Here's a possible scenario:

     What if a group, targeted men?  This group obtained through  assault, samples, from the men.  Then, the group spread that sample around.  Perhaps, some, come back and sue that man, with paternity suits.  Regardless if the man is married; regardless if he has a family that he and his spouse decided on.  The man vaguely remembers a night, where he can't remember much.  But, he should have known better.  Of course, there are those who would reason, "it's part of God's plan."
     The legal case might go something like:  "Assaulted!?  You can't force sex on a man!  You can't rape the willing!  Chuckle Chuckle.  He is responsible for each of those lives!"  Just think how many lives could come about through just one man's "sample."  Imagine the possibilities.

How do you like the way that rings?

How about this-

    I want to know, which male candidates are on Viagra, Cialis, or Leivtra.  If they are that concerned about getting it up and getting some, then they are clearly not focused on the welfare of the United States.
     Don't one person tell me that's none of my business.
     So yet, once again: candidates, do not try and tell me what I should care about.  THAT'S MY JOB.  I AM A VOTER.  I tell YOU, the candidate, what YOU should care about.
And in case you haven't heard:
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