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Monday, October 5, 2015

Where's the Sequel?

     With all the news and headlines lately, my posts have been a little more serious than I typically veer to.

     We'll get back there no doubt; but for today, thought I'd go a tad lighter.

     Remember the lovely, pictured above?  It was published in 2011.  Think the pdf went viral before it was even published; because I remember laughing over it in California in 2010, after a friend emailed it to me.  Then I remember rushing out to Barnes & Noble to get a copy, out of fear, before it was banned or abridged.

     The interesting thing is, I still pull it out from time to time to get a little comic relief from what is still a battle nearly every single night.  

     My daughters are 11 and nearly 8.  That is more than 4,015 and 2,830 respectfully, bedtimes for each of them!  This is not new.  And before anyone asks; YES WE HAVE A ROUTINE.  Established?  Obviously not.  It's not through lack of effort on my part I assure you.  Yes, we wind down before the end of day.  Yes,  we read every night.  Actually, now they are supposed to read for 30 minutes in bed, after the teeth brushing/face washing/pj's fiasco; prior to Tuck In Time.  Trouble now, at Tuck In Time, what's been happenin', although it may have included some reading, also included, one of the following:
      -a detailed drawing that just has to be finished before sleep
      -a new Lego structure, that has to be finished before sleep
      -or a tea party among dolls, where each doll needs a new hairdo             which can only be completed with bands from the Rainbow Loom, which is downstairs, in the back room

     So, to Mr. Mansbach, I humbly request, another lovely about going to bed, for parents of the older set.  

     Just in case you didn't know, Mr. Mansbach does have another lovely out; with the same ubiquitous exhausted befuddled parental humor; entitled:
     And just as Samuel Jackson, did a brilliant reading of GTFTS;Byran Cranston, and Stephen Fry, lend their talents to YHTFE.

Click on each of their names to be whisked there.

Update as of Nov. 2, 2015: 
Dear Mr. Mansbach, 
  Please consider another addition to your parental comic relief line: "Please Get The F... Dressed!"

Based on my experience over the past weeks; I may write a quickie down myself. 

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