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Monday, October 5, 2015

Mamma Mia MONDAYS!


Well it's Monday.


And it's off to a humdingin' start.

First, despite the fact that school's been back in session for close to 2 months, mornings are still... well parents fill in you own words, I know I'm not alone.  

Last year we moved, so now we are much closer to the school than we used to be.  Three blocks.  That's it.  So tell me why am I driving my daughters more now, even on perfectly sunny, gorgeous days in order to get them there on time?  

So help me if I get one comment about Time Management for parents...

Then I get on the computer and the first thing I need to do to is check out my email.  I have two accounts, one with Gmail, and one that I've had forever on AOL.  Yeah, I know, just like your grandma.  Whatever.  

It had been a couple of days since I'd checked them, and I had lots of new emails in my "Inbox".  Most seemed to be just repeats of what I see on the "Google Notifications" bar, over on the right, at least for me, so I was deleting them, after confirming that they were repeats or yet another request for "Even $1" emails from any of the causes that I support and follow.  Well, for the love of all that's holy, I clicked somethingnow I don't have any of them.  And I can't find my saved emails either.

So yeah, I commiserate with Hillary over email SHHHTTTUFFF.

Honestly, lately I've seriously been thinking about chucking my
No Swearing policy.  I even had to do this post twice, thanks to my lack of tech knowhow. 
Click HERE, for an explanation about being a prude.


Now I've got to run to go and try to find a new pair of jeans that DON'T HAVE HOLES.

Happy Monday.

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