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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Don't Want To Be Misunderstood...

From, "What Is It Going To Take?"

...so I'm going to whisper.

While a part of this post is about the importance of gun control, it is more about the ado about the ado.

Yes, I'm for Hillary.  But as much as I pay attention, and try to see every TV appearance she makes, I must be missing something.

     I watched her speech in the National Democratic Women's Leadership Forum.  As well as parts of the other Democratic candidates speeches, along with the President's address to the forum.  When I heard her comment, that she "wasn't shouting.  It's just when women talk, some people think we're shouting";  it totally resonated with me.  It called to mind, so many times; during my time in restaurant management as well as other jobs I held before that.  

      For the record, she said, "some people," not Bernie Sanders thinks we're shouting.  Honestly, I had no idea that Bernie Sanders had made any comment about anyone shouting.  Yes, I watched the Democratic Debate; so after realizing that that was the comment that was being referred to, I thought about it for a bit.

     One of the reasons I am doing The Sadie Project is to confront; what to call, what to call... deliberate misunderstanding that may lead to a speaker second guessing themselves; next thing you know, the discussion is on a completely different topic.  A misdirection or a negation of importance of what was the speaker was talking about.  Quite frankly, IT PISSES ME OFF.  (Honk if you know what I mean.  If you don't- forgetaboutit.)

     NOW, Mika Brzezinski and others are lashing out claiming that Clinton was trying to portray Sanders as a sexist.  Oh brother.  After that, Sanders got defensive, and wanted to clarify that his statement "everyone shouting about gun control," was not aimed at women, and that Clinton was "misapplying" his remarks.  If he is referring to his statement at the debate; he need not worry that I thought it was sexist.  It was however, a tad oblivious, and uncaring about gun control.  Just because it's a huge problem; doesn't mean we shouldn't try, no matter how loud or quiet our voices get.

     So, now we hear bits about how Ms. Clinton is playing the gender card, and she's implying Bernie's a sexist, and that she thinks, every GOP is her sworn enemy.  All the while, deferring  attention from what is important: much needed new gun rules, women's health care, women's right to choose, pay equality, paid family leave, and the list goes on.  

     What I think?  Secretary Clinton was speaking at a Women's Democratic Forum, and knew her audience.  I'd be willing to bet that every woman in that room has had an experience of being told to lower their voice; calm down; take it easy; relax; in response to  making an impassioned argument; case or even a point in a conversation.   Much more so, than they thought "Bernie is a sexist, Bernie is a sexist."

    I will concede that Secretary Clinton, being a savvy politician;  if some drew from that point a possibility that Senator Sanders might slip from his feminist efforts at times; well, so be it.  This is politics for criminy sake.  Clinton, like Sanders; like every other candidate; will make calculated moves in order to get her message across.

     Overall I think it's the press making much ado about nothing.  Just like they thought that VP Biden was taking swabs at Secretary Clinton over her attempt at humor, saying that all Republicans were he enemy she's most proud of.  The Vice President cleared up a lot during his, 60 Minutes interview with Norah O'Donnell.  Got another post coming, venting on that.
You gotta love those spin doctors.  

     Still, in an effort to try to shine continued light on what I feel was the point; a point that Secretary Clinton knows well, as she knows every women in that room knows; THAT SEXISM EXISTS AND IT MAKES THINGS DIFFERENT FOR WOMEN.  Even today, in 2015.

 I close by sharing a must-see video: 
Soraya Chemaly's "The Credibility Gap:
How Sexism Shapes Human Knowledge"

Ms. Chemaly also wrote an important and insightful article:

"Why Won't She Go To Police?..."

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