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Thursday, November 5, 2015

What Was He Thinking? Sketches I Hope To See

Not him...

Lorne Michaels.
     If you haven't heard, Donald Trump is hosting SNL, this Saturday, November 7, 2015.
     Of course, there are protesters.  Seriously speaking though- well, serious as one can get about a presidential candidate hosting SNL; when you think about it, it actually has about the same joke potential as, "A pope and a rabbi walk into a bar..."
Quite a bit.

     When I posted, "A Funny Thought..." back in July; knew that we'd see plenty of the presidential candidates take the stage at 30 Rock over the next several months.  As to the possibility of one of the candidates finding time to host the show, while simultaneously running for president, and promoting a book ... only in America.

     While Donald Trump may be the first presidential candidate to host SNL, he's hardly the first controversial or offensive host that's held the honor.  Since that is allegorical, I'll leave it at that.

     Thought I would just tune in a little after 11pm CST to catch at least the Weekend Update.  However, if still awake, and I'm drawn to the flame...

     Here are the sketches I'd like to see:
                             (Of course these will be added to my list)

         *Vanessa Bayer or Cecily Strong don a blond wig to portray Megyn Kelly vs. Donald Trump.  Endless potential.

     *Battle of the Authors- Consider right now, the following candidates have new books out: Dr. Ben Carson; Marco Rubio; Mike Huckabee; Carly Fiorino; Jeb Bush; Ted Cruz; Rand Paul as well as Donald Trump.  Now, have a sketch where there is a celebrity/author/presidential candidate boxing match.  Proceeds go to... oh, I don't know.  Take your pick.  Literacy; restoring 42nd Street to the good ol' days; bringing honor and class back to the squirrels of Central Park.  Just boggles the mind to think of the possibilities.  Since Hillary Clinton had a book out within the last two years, include her.  And since Bernie has managed to crank out at least two books this year, get him in the ring.  Let's not forget fellow author and former presidential candidate, Scott Walker.  He'd be sure to give the match that certain je ne sais quoi factor.  Come on, if Donald can find the time to host, surely the others could find time for one little sketch.  And show me one of them, who wouldn't just love to take a swing at the Donald.  Especially in the name of charity.  If the candidates can't make it, SNL has the talent to make due.

Lastly, my favorite.
     *Remember the fur coat scene from Ghostbusters 2?  Well, since two of the stars for the upcoming Ghostbusters 2016 film are Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon; and since Donald has the hair that Donald has... that sketch just writes itself.
     *Bonus: If you're with a group of friends and want to do a drinking game, or hell if you're by yourself, (nobody will know, and I don't judge)- Everytime Donald says "BEST", "RICH", or "HUGE"; DRINK.  Everytime he says, "LOSER"; -2 SWIGS OF YOUR DRINK. Everytime he motions/talks with his hands: FINISH THAT BEVERAGE. 
     Perhaps, to best explain the impetus for it all, Oscar Wilde said it best: 
     "For there is one thing the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.

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