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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

It's Giving Tuesday!

I originally posted this on Giving Tuesday, 2013.  Message still remains.
Be sure to check out The Sadie Project, while you're here. 

Once again, I've found a post, that is worth reposting. 

Especially this year, 2020.  

As is comes to a close, I hope this will inspire something... hope;  or just a realization that nothing stays the same.  Good and bad.  So consider, all the craziness, even before Covid-19. 

Read on for the message.
As I hope with "Take A Moment" and "Ending the 'Gay' Charade", this is a post that I truly hope goes viral.

Found out about this on Sunday, from reading a post by Kevin Bacon on Huffington Post.

     Don't know how everyone else is feeling, but as I have mentioned, I have been feeling a little "unholidayish", thus far.  We all know the holidays can be tough.  Whether you are alone, have recently lost a loved one, or for many other reasons.  As Ash Beckam noted so eloquently, "We all have 'hard'.  It's not a competition."

     The idea behind Giving Tuesday is a simple one.  The best ideas usually are.

If you click on "Kevin Bacon" or "Giving Tuesday" above, you will be directed to the respective sites.  Both make it easy peazy to give to over 1,000,000 organizations!

If you can't or don't want to give to any of those, look around your neighborhood and I am willing to bet you can find an opportunity to give of yourself.  To help someone.

Just as we all have "hard", we all have ways to make a difference.  It's not a competition.  We all matter.

What if everyone gave just $1 today?   To one of the organizations through the sites?  To a local shelter or charity?  At the grocery store for whatever cause they ask for?  To a street musician?  To someone who is homeless?

What's your cause?  Cancer? MS? Parkinson's? Heart Disease? Autism? Animals?  Endangered animals?  Or take 5 minutes, Google, Bing, or Yahoo, your cause and donate whatever you can.

This, may be just the thing to get the spirit of the season going.

Happy Holidays!

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