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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

A Simple Question, and Did You See?

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     Update 1/15/16: Another uptate.  I skipped the GOP Debate last night; but apparently John Kasich had something to say.  No, I don't agree on many things with Kasich, BUT given that nobody is 100% anything, he is one of the GOP candidates that does possess traits of reason from time to time.  Then, the day after I wrote this, saw this title over at Huffinton Post-"Top Ten Reasons Democrats MUST Choose Bernie!"   I clicked on it, to see what opinions the writer had to offer.  I discovered that it was satirical.  However, the writer touched on many of my concerns, that are not unique, and need to be addressed.  With the tightening of the race, there have been headlines of Clinton attacking Sanders on this and that.  But they all have to do with issues that concern their policies.  Come the general, policies will take a back seat to the personal mudslinging of tradition.  Today I saw an ad for Ted Cruz by one of the Duck Hunters.  SIGH... 

     While I am for Hillary Clinton, I concede that Bernie Sanders has a chance of winning the primary.

     So, I have one simple question: 

             How many and what articles has he written, however many years ago?

I am aware of 2.  

The "Man and Woman" article from 1972; 

and the one or two that this, Mother Jones article refers to.

Honestly, I want to know NOW.  


Because these were brought to my attention by Republicans.

Of course they are no fans of Hillary Clinton's either.  But, I'm used to that.  

But just as I wanted to know all about Obama in '08, to anticipate what was possibly around the bend should he win the primary; (yes, I voted for HRC in that primary too) I want to know everything about Sanders.

I don't like surprises when it comes to politics.  I like to be prepared.  Cause obviously, the whatever % that's supporting Trump; or for that matter, Cruz, Rubio, Huckabee, Bush, Fiorina, Paul, Christie, Kasich, (and whoever else is still in on that side);  SEES THINGS DIFFERENTLY- than any Democrat.

Because make no mistake, as others have made clear, I will vote, come November, for the Democrat, regardless.  I am a woman.  I cannot afford to do otherwise.

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