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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Request For Rachel

Just a quick request for Rachel.

Adore her, love her show.  

Will definitely turn into her show tonight to see her interview with Hillary Clinton, rather than watch another GOP debate.

Please Rachel, DO NOT ASK HILLARY IF SHE'S NERVOUS.  Or concerned about the closeness of the race.  I really doubt if she is.  

#1-This is not Hillary's first rodeo.   

#2-She pays other people to get nervous, and to do something about it.


Ask her what she wants Democratic voters to know about her, that possible they may not.

Ask her, among all the hopes she has if she becomes president, knowing that nothing is done without a battle, what issues will she try to start with? Does Hillary think will be most likely to go through? The most difficult? Which ones would make the biggest change?

The TOP 3 that she'd like for her LEGACY?

Ask her what she thinks the BIG Differences are between her and Sanders, and O' Malley.

Ask her what she thinks her biggest strength is.

This is probably a moot post, because the interview has probably already happened; but nevertheless this, is what I'd like to hear.

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