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Friday, January 15, 2016

Still Laughing... For the Weekend!

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     If you've been with me, following Sadie's Gathering for a while, you know that before all the posts on politics, it was more a "this-n-that" type of blog.  So for the weekend, something a little ... less serious, than most posts as of late.  Hope you get a kick out of it.  Enjoy your weekend.

You must be joking.
A couple of days ago, over at Huffington Post-
I saw the title:

"The Men's Hygiene Product That No One Wants To Talk About"
Followed by this photo:

Photo by: Tuomas Lehtinen via Getty Images

I figured it was for depilatory product, given the photo.

But no.

It was about men's hygiene wipes.

Too many thoughts are going through my head to put down.  Many, I've expressed before so you may wanna check out any or all of the following:

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Wait A Minute... A Pedometer for What?

In today's market there are offered the following wipes:

Wet Naps The Original, 1963 For apres finger linking' at KFC
Baby Wipes,
Purell sanitizing wipes.
Feminine Wipes, more on these in a moment
Lysol Disinfecting Wipes
Windex Wipes
Wood Polishing Wipes
Leather Cleaning Wipes
Silver Cleaning Wipes
Toilet Bowl Cleaning Wipes
Scrubbing Bubbles Antibacterial Wipes
not to get mixed up with the adult bathroom wipes such as Charmin Freshmates
facial cleansing wipes
makeup removing wipes
pet grooming wipes
doggy dental wipes
tear stain removal wipes
bug repellent wipes
Dairy wipes  for prevention of mastitis in cows
Automobile Window cleaning wipes
tire cleaning wipes
Armor All wipes
Air freshening wipes

and now, we have male hygiene wipes.

My theory?

They're all made in the same place.  Well at least the clothy type material anyway.

That is, just my theory.  I have no proof, and I have way better things to do than research to find out.

So, gentlemen, welcome to the party.  What took you so long?

The good news: you now have your own manly man wipes.
The bad news:  boy, did they jack up the price on those manly man wipes.

Kinda refreshing, considering as I expressed in Must Be A Lot Of Naked Boyfriends Out There- usually it's the female that is charged a higher amount for essentially the same thing.

So the Huffpost Style column features 3 different types of manly man wipes.

Nadkins "Original Male Jewel Refresher Towelettes"

Because if anything screams "MANLY MAN" it's the word "towelettes".
     Now, buck up, these lovelies are the priciest of the bunch.  $12.50 for 10 WIPES!
Hey, they are the original.  
     The font is reminiscent of an old fashioned up scale barbershop, and the box calls to mind a cigarette box from the days of Hemingway and Fitzgerald; i.e. before we knew better.   

Do me a favor, click on the link, so you can truly appreciate their advertising and PR efforts.  
     Note the use of words; "Trust us... they won't be sorry.  If they're happy, you're happy." 
Oh for heaven's sake.  Someone tell the owner that a man and his genitalia are one entity.    

Note the photo of the man.  He sure does look happy.  Must be the citrus-mint kickin' in.   

     Now the ingredients are special.  Aloe Vera, Allatoin, Vitamin E, and Colloidal Oatmeal Protectant.  They are 100% natural and 100% non-toxic.  I'm sure that's a relief.  Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, are pretty straight forward. 

But what are Allatoin, and Colloidal Oatmeal Protectant?  Glad you asked. 

     Allatoin is a chemical compound that is a little bit past my knowledge of chemistry.  At first I thought it had to do with the oxidation of urine.  I thought given the territory that it's supposed to be cleansing, that seemed a little ... redundant.   Hope you can understand why it took me a while, (from laughing hysterically) to research further.  Turns out allatoin can also come from plants.  So that's good.  
Not certain what type of allatoin Nadkins uses.  

     Colloidal Oatmeal  is nothing more than ground up oats.  If you click on this LINK, it will explain how to make your own.  Contrary to what it says on the opening page on that site, that is the exact same way to make your own oat flour.  

Good to know.  Provided that you have a good quality food processor or blender, you can usually buy oats for $2/lb at the most, versus buying a one pound bag of colloidal flour for $15.99.

Next we have...

MANGROOMER Biz Wipes are the next brand of wipes featured.

They're more cost effective.  50 wipes for $3.99  

I admit I am curious as to what Executive Scent smells like.   

Not sure what the name of the company is, but they also offer :

Gee! Good thing they specified Woman Wipes.  Lord knows we'd be confused if they were LADYGROOMER Biz Wipes.    

These are 50 for $3.75.  

Perhaps the Executive Scent costs more to make than the Fresh Scent

Point: fresh smells, well FRESH.   Executives may smell like Chanel No. 5, or the little boys room.

Did you happen to notice their trademarked catchphrase? "Maintain Yourself".  I'm not kidding.

I believe I will, thank you.


Again, these are pretty pricey.  10 for $9.99  But they are individually wrapped, and it says they are hand towel size.  No scent mentioned but they have ginseng listed as one of the main ingredients.  In olden days, ginseng was used for its aphrodisiac and stimulant benefits.  So, it's got that going for it.  

You know what that means; just a matter of time before there's a Viagra Wipe on the market.

Imagine how happy this man will look then!

This site also features:
Lucky Tiger Head to Tail Muscle Rub.  Lucky tiger indeed.

If they ever turn to television advertising, will they use a British man or woman?

To finish off, for a happy ending,

Here's a handy video of the lady over at Tip Hero!

So now you know how to make those, with just a little ingenuity, bet you can make your own... Happy Wipes!

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