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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Who Da Thunk?

     Who would have thought, that when the media, news sources, and some voters, labeled the two prominent contenders for the Democratic nomination, that a woman would be the "pragmatic one"; and the man, would be labeled, the "revolutionary"?

Oh, forgive me, I know, we live in the US and sexism is all but extinct; (right...) but old habits die hard.

     Still, I find it humorous when those who are leaning toward Sanders, find support of Hillary to be, the practical decision.  That her supporters are just voters who've been blinded, and beaten down by the system, and conceded that there's no more reason to believe.

Let me clear something up.  At least from my perspective.


And so many more reasons.

I am voting for her because of everything I put down in, "Yep, I'm For Hillary."

Because in 2016, no matter how patriarchally politically incorrect it is to say; America still has a lot to do before everyone, (how to put this?) experiences equality.

Because there is still pay inequality in 2016.  Because no matter what the majority of studies say, even if you yourself has experienced not being paid equally; you can still feel eyes roll, at the mention of the topic.

Because we are more likely to ask, "how do we keep our daughters safe?" 
than, "how do we teach our sons not to rape?"  

Because I live in a country where advertising for Viagra is at all hours.  Yet, there's no advertising whatsoever, for contraception, the "Female Viagra", or little ol' Eva.

Because I look at the policy page of all candidates.  

Because of all the reasons listed here ->  Accomplishments

and here-> 112 Reasons (and counting) Hillary Clinton should be our next president!

Because she is the model of personal strength and fortitude if ever there was.

That's one pragmatic person for sure.  

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