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Friday, January 22, 2016


     It gives me great pleasure to present the second entry for The Sadie Project.
Even though this is only my second, since I introduced the project in October, I hope/anticipate for a time when I receive quite a bit more.  In that event I will perhaps put more than one up a day.  For now, it's just as I receive them.
     The writer of this shared some personal background, and her reasons for voting for Sec. Clinton.
     Please know that even though I am also a supporter of Clinton, I will publish all entries for the project regardless of what candidate, or political party you support.  Ideally, I hope to receive contributions from around the globe, and as contributions from the US, I welcome them to share their views on politics, if they so choose.
     Hopefully my next points are moot points.  While I will publish contributions regardless of political, religious, vocational background, I reserve the right to NOT publish any that contain any type of hate  rhetoric.  Example: If the writer would have included any bashing of any of the other candidates, I would not have accepted the entry.  Nor will I accept any entry that contains names of individuals that are unknown previously to the greater public.  Example: If the writer would have named her father, or members of the KKK; I would not have accepted the entry.  I am not looking for tabloid fodder.  Just sharing your story, as you see it, if you identify as a female.
     Links to all Sadie Project entries will be added to the bottom of The Sadie Project page.

     Have a nice weekend.  Hope you enjoy learning herstory.

Why I Support Hillary Clinton for President

I am not a one issue voter. I have no love for the DNC or the RNC. I am an Independent free thinker.

Today, I did some of that free thinking during a few conversations with people who don't want to talk about policy proposals or qualifications. They seem driven by the things they are passionate about. I have news for you, so am I. Aside from liking most of her policy proposals and the fact that her qualifications for all of the duties of the President are unmatched, I do have some issues that I am passionate about. Let me share how those relate to why I support Hillary Clinton.

I am an American, a member of the Military family, a woman of Irish, German, French, and Native American heritage, and a lesbian who grew up in a heavily Republican and KKK controlled area of the South. I am someone who was raised with Protestant values and struggled with her faith, who engaged in homophobic hate speech to hide who she was out of fear for her life, knowing as a child she was different - later finally discovering and accepting that she was a lesbian. In my community, being a member of the LGBT community was the worst thing you could be - it still is today in that area where my Father still lives.

I left that area as a young adult, after barely surviving a head-on collision by a drunk driver. Given a second chance at life, I came out of the closet and into the light. I broadened the scope of my participation in society. I put myself through college several times in the course of my life and have been an activist for human rights as long as I can remember. I've supported organizations like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the Human Rights Campaign in addition to many charitable causes. I've never looked back and never regretted my decisions to spend most of my time helping others professionally and personally.

Some of today's conversations have been about human rights and whether we need laws like the Civil Rights Act to clarify those inalienable rights our founders intended us to have.

Constitutional rights supercede state laws that violate those rights. SCOTUS decisions are the law of the land but those decisions cannot be made if there are no cases for them to accept and adjudicate. When we have clear evidence and history that shows us we do need laws to protect the rights of all Americans because we are not all treated equally, the answer is yes we need laws to prevent harm.

Some people want to excuse the horrific assaults and murders of people who are not white straight males as old news and history. Those who do not learn from history and take action are doomed to repeat it. I found myself astounded at the implications. I was told we already have equal rights. But the reality is the rights of all Americans are not protected. The Civil Rights Act was quoted as sufficient. Having experienced discrimination on multiple fronts - and still experiencing it in some ways today, I can attest it is not sufficient to protect my rights.

Just as womens rights are human rights, gay rights are human rights, and minority rights are human rights. The Civil Rights Act of 1965 was not passed until 97 years after the 14th Amendment but slavery began in the new world 346 years prior.

Someone said an equal rights case only takes two years to get to the Supreme Court and that state courts are different from federal courts. The facts dispute the attempts to deflect from the issue of human rights.

For example, there are court cases on slavery ranging from 1740 to 1860. The Dred Scott case began in a state court with a SCOTUS decision in 1857. By that time frame, it is clear that SCOTUS decisions only adjudicate cases - they don't dispense justice in the form of laws. It was not until 108 years later that the Civil Rights Act was signed into law.

Expanding that thought: When MLK led the march on Washington, the movement was not just people who were descendents of slaves. It was people of every race, gender, and sexual orientation who stood for equality for everyone - minority races, women, and the LGBT community. MLK never intended for the civil rights movement to be restricted to fighting for the rights of black Americans only. The politicians made it be about that. Women still do not have their equal rights protected. The LGBT community still does not have their equal rights protected.

SCOTUS does not make laws, it only adjudicates the impact of laws, disputes between the states, and the constitutionality of laws. The primary function of the legislature is to legislate (to make laws that pass Constitutional muster on behalf of the people of the nation). It has failed since the beginning of our nation to provide equal protection under the law for all Americans to pursue life, liberty, and happiness without discrimination and bias. We the people have the power to remove lawmakers and leaders from their elected positions and place those in power who will represent the interests of all Americans and provide for these inalienable human rights our founders intended for us to have as society's needs change and it evolves.

There is no greater champion for human rights for everyone in this country running for President than Hillary Clinton. She will fight to finally provide for human rights for marginalized Americans - this includes women and the LGBT community but it is not limited to them. We also continue today to marginalize the rights of peaceful latinos who have contributed to and continue to contribute to our economy and live otherwise law abiding lives in the shadows out of fear.

She has also reached out to the community of First Americans and stands ready to right the wrongs our government has done and continues to do to the people of our First Americans that welcomed many of our ancestors with open hands and hearts. To help us learn to survive the winters of the Northeast, to learn to grow food in the soils of the South, and to embrace the concept of a community of cooperation in a growing nation of immigrants.  

Everything she has ever said she would do she has either gotten done or continues to get back up and keep trying every time she is knocked down. She knows when to stand her ground and when to find common ground to deliver change that matters - a true progressive who understands how to make sustained progress.   #ImWithHer #StillStanding   #StandwithHRC   #StandWithPP   #WomenforHillary   #LGBTforHillary   #NativeAmericansforHillary   #Hillary2016  

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