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Monday, February 8, 2016


      Well, here we are on another eve of a decision.
     Tomorrow we'll see New Hampshire picks as the best representative of each party.
     Labels, in my world, usually refer to the thingamajigs triple stitched into the neckline of my kids' clothes, that have to removed prior to the item of clothing ever being worn.  They're itchy, scratchy, and seldom contain more than size, washing instructions, list of what materials were used in the composition and the country of where it was made.

      In other words, similar to the labels that we've seen being tossed about the media as of late.  Such as pragmatic, revolutionary, progressive and establishment.  Each carries with it a whole set of expectations; varied from one beholder to the next.  The labels are itchy, scratchy, and serve little purpose.
      Earlier today, I was reminded of a video of a TED TALK by Soraya Chemaly

       You may be wondering why I chose that video for this post.  I guess just would like to remind all, that there are many factors always at work, that we're not always aware of, and that we don't always acknowledge.

     I close with a speech by British actor, Idris Elba, on diversity.  Because each of us, are not just one flavor, or defined by a sole characteristic like gender, skin color, or a label such as the ones above.

Happy voting. 

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