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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

What I Don't Get; What I Do¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

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     Guess I've had an epiphany.  Perhaps I've just been too tired, to really give it much thought.  Perhaps I thought someone else would bring this up, for people to talk about.  Someone that gets paid, to write or talk about this.
     Yes, I am a supporter and will vote for Hillary Clinton.  
But, all along, I have said that if Bernie Sanders won the nomination; I will vote for him rather than take my chances with the GOP.  And all along, I have been asking different people that I encounter on the internet who support Sanders, and so vehemently oppose Clinton, to vet him and send me information about him.  I think of all the links that people send me about Clinton, many of which are either flat out untrue, or have been taken completely out of context, (Clinton campaigned for Goldwater before she could vote) or referred to untruths that I have heard over the 20+ years she's been in the public's eye (in most cases, more than once), IT SHOULDN'T BE TOO HARD TO SEND ME SOME POSTS, LINKS, ETC, TELLING OF ALL THE GOOD ABOUT BERNIE.  
     I always ask nicely, for information on him.  For why they're feeling the Bern.  Nobody has sent me squat. 
      For the most part, this post is not about the contest at hand between Secretary Clinton and Senator Sanders.  
       It is about Bernie Sanders.  
Rather, it's about what has been by far underreported on for the entirety of the presidential race.   Bernie Sanders' history.
     Do me a favor, open another tab on your computer, and Google "Bernie Sanders".  On the first page of links, as you look down, all you see are not even the most recent posts, just the posts that paint the image of the glowing revolutionary that many of his supporters tout.
      Perhaps, it was just that when I first heard the label, idea, term, revolutionary; I thought, "Ah hell, I'm too tired for a revolution."  Maybe that's the reason that I've never felt the Bern.  However the first thing that gave me pause, was his common deflective statement, "This is not about me- this is about you."  Sorry, but you cannot run against one of most scrutinized, vetted people of the last 25 years, and expect to keep your private life private.
      This is America.  And this is the 21st century, where we know more about people that we'll never meet, than the people we see every day.  Especially our presidents.  For better or worse.  Suppose Watergate had happened in the 21st century, can you imagine?
     So,  when Sanders first came to everyone's attention, and then went straight to their admiration; was it just me, that thought we needed to know more about who that person was?
      Of course I started with the Wikipedia page.  But as everyone's heard time and time again, any one with a modem can type up a Wikipedia page.  So I kept looking.  In July there was a Politico article, "Bernie Sanders has a Secret." and a  Daily Mail of the UK article; and I started to formulate a few thoughts about the person behind the man.  I grew up in the 1970's, just a couple of years older than Sanders' son, in somewhat rural West Virginia.  Loved the music, hated the clothes.  With as much as I could find out about Sanders, I still had questions; yet, the scenario was such that I could understand why, given Sanders' radical political views and lifestyle, he did not come to the national political stage earlier.  Although doing the math, since he didn't become mayor till nearly 40, and a congressman, till nearly 50; I wondered what came before that.  What did he do for a living?
       Which left me curious.  But again, there was a candidate that I knew well, and was happy to support and vote for.
     Still, more people began to "Feel the Bern," but I saw no more news to piece together the puzzle, that was still in my mind.  There are only 24 hours a day, and like most people, I have other things that weigh more on my mind than politics.
     Then late last summer, my husband and I were debating about "the liberal media".  Please somebody, tell me, where?  During this conversation, he mentioned some radical articles that Bernie had written in the early 70's.  The fact that I was unaware of them, served as "proof" that the "liberal media" kept that information under cover.  So, yeah, he wrote those articles more than 40 years ago.  He was  30+ years old, had already been married and divorced,  Then had a child in 1969, with another woman, whom from what I've read, the relationship didn't last long.  Then in the early 70's he wrote his Cancer theory article and "Man & Woman".  Which I think was supposedly a work of fiction.  Still found it offensive; neither is 50 Shades of Grey, my cup of tea.  But, I get it, another life another time, another place.
     But after all this, I began to wonder, what else was gonna pop up?
     With October the debates began My focus turned to watching the debates, school, and Halloween.   Then Thanksgiving.  And of course the attacks on Paris.  Last thing on my mind was Sanders.  I still couldn't understand what the hubbub was about, but conceded that if he won the nomination, of course I would vote for him.
     I still worried that I didn't know enough.  I spent good bits of time trying to find credit to his views on the issues.  I agree that things are not perfect, but do believe things have in many ways started to here we go... progress.  We didn't sink overnight, and even before 2008, I knew it would be a long time fixing.
     Despite the fact that Bernie doesn't think his personal life or personal history affects the lives of American voters, Kim Davis and the like probably disagree.  Ralph Reed of the FFC has stated, "Despite what you believe, Jesus still has followers, and they vote." NO, I AM NOT A FAN OF RALPH REED.  However, I do acknowledge that he exists as does Kim Davis, and they vote.  I can also say with a fair degree of certainty that they'll never be fans of Sadie's Gathering.  Back to Bernie.  Despite the fact that his plans had been found wanting several months ago, little if anything has been changed.  I find that downright cocky and cavalier.  Don't give a hoot about message.  Yes, "REVOLUTION" sounds a lot more invigorating than "PLANNING" - but for chrissakes we're talking about the highest job in the land, a job that will result in the loss of life based on the president's decisions.  I just hoped that there was something, somewhere I missed and that eventually, even if I didn't feel the Bern, at least I'd understand it.
     Then all of a sudden it was here, 2016, when the fun really starts.

First there were some endorsements.
Then there was, "Top Ten Reasons Dems MUST Choose Bernie!"
Then it was, "Who Da Thunk?
And then Iowa.

And now New Hampshire.  Which Sanders has won.
     Which I was fine with.  Like many, I figured that was the way the day would go.
     In the past few days I have read posts about the draw of Sanders.  For the young.  For the women.  How one woman, after hearing him speak, was "just blown away with his passion and integrity."  I have to admit, I never realized that integrity was something that could be heard.  After watching a video of Susan Sarandon get choked upon introducing Bernie, I decided to not take offense to her proclamation of not "voting with vagina" comment.   I thought clearly, I've gotten older and I'm just missing something.

I, was okay.  Until, the other night.

My husband and I had just got caught up on the last episode of Downton Abbey.

Just before shutting down the computer, I checked my Google Notifications and had been
sent this article->Bernie's Baggage by Joshua Brennig.

Sort of reminded me of Hans Christian Andersen's The Emperor's New Clothes.
Where after an emperor falls for the promise of swindlers who claim have dressed him in magical clothes that can only be seen by the worthy, and is invisible to fools; it is the wisdom of a child that sees the truth: the emperor is naked.

Now,  I don't know if all of this is true.

But I do know that some of it is.  Personal choices he made such as marriage and divorce.  No discernible, steady job. Becoming a parent.

Now, I'll try to explain my epiphany.

     The best that I can do to sum up what I've come away with about Bernie is- born in 41, 1 brother who lives in UK, parents died young, graduated from Univ. of Chicago, married college girlfriend, moved to VT, bought property with inheritance; divorced <2yrs; fathered son in '69 with girlfriend at the time, never married, don't know if child was with him and/or mom. Know of 2 articles written in '72,'73, and part of Liberty Union party in 70's.  As far as jobs, think he did some construction and non profit work during this time.  Served as mayor of Burlington VT 1981-89.  Ran for Gov in '86, but lost.  Ranked as one of America's best mayors in '87.   In 1988 married Jane.  Was elected congressman in '91 thru '07, then elected to the Senate.

So, when I look at this, these are thoughts/questions that come to my mind.

     Idealistic, argumentative, dreamer.  Married young, but not for long.  Didn't marry again till he was 46/47.  So, perhaps he is one that is better on stage making a revolution, than making a home? Don't know.  Since it's not out there, I assume his one son, stayed with mom.  So, doubt if there was much of the young dad getting up in middle of night,  dealing with the ups/downs of kids and the effects on mom and dad.  But Jane's kids were probably early teens when mom remarried Bernie, so he probably has a fair amount of stepdad stories.  Don't know.  Frankly, I don't have time to hunt to fill in where there are questions and doubts.

To me, it's the wee small hours of life, that makes us who we are.  Our character.  Our integrity.

      I do know that about who I am voting for.  I know her history from the time she was campaigning for Goldwater in '64 before she was old enough to vote; to the present.  There are no questions or doubts.

I don't expect politicians to be perfect; or to save or rescue me.

     People are not 2 dimensional.  People are not 100% anything.  Whether it's revotionary, pragmatic, passionate, loyal, or tenacious.  People change, grow, and sometimes even evolve.  I know drama takes and makes center stage and gets a lot of attention. I also know that when the fireworks are over, there's a lot of dust to clean up.  That doesn't get attention, but that's where the real work is.  It also doesn't get much gratitude.

     When Sanders speaks, I hear a lot of what's wrong with America, and how we need to make a revolution.  It's a great way to rally, excitement, fervor, and anger.  Even when on his site, I read what's wrong, and what we need to do.

     On Hillary's I see issues that I don't find on Bernie's.  Alzheimer's. Campus Rape.  Criminal Justice Reform.

From Bernie I hear what we'll do.  With Hillary, I hear what she'll do.

     Because when she gets an idea, she swings.  Sure she's made mistakes; she's learned from them too.  Because she's not afraid to say she's sorry.  Because she's been scrutinized, and vetted, and lied about and had to read, and hear, some of the most venomous attacks. And she keeps getting back up.  She's real.

For fans of Ann Landers, it's like the difference between Love and Infatuation.

I started this on Monday night, after reading Mr. Brennig's post.  It was originally entitled "Mad As Hell."  Because I was.

For me, it's like looking over two resumes, and seeing that one is clearly more qualified.

Then the interview.

For the applicant with the more impressive resume, I find the person supports my hunches that I've drawn from the resume.  I feel confident and sure.

For the next applicant,  I don't get my questions answered but I get razzle dazzled.  Doesn't make up for what's missing; but it sure wasn't a dull interview.

I come away with a smile, certain of who I want, confident in my decision.

So, please don't say I'm voting with my vagina.
If you have to have some way to rationalize it; go to-> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  <-Really, it's a link.

Have a nice day.

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