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Thursday, March 24, 2016

How Do You Still Vote Republican?

     This is going to be a quick post.
The title pretty much sums it up.  If it doesn't, the Maxine cartoon hopefully will do the trick.  Hopefully, this will get more response than my "Congratulations! May I Ask a Favor?" post.  
     I want someone to explain to me how it is that one votes Republican when the party is now so anti human rights?
     I'm not talking about the bombastic manner of the GOP frontrunner, who offends, well anyone if you give him a microphone.  I am talking about the fact that all the candidates running, whether it be mayor, governor, congress, or president are for ending everything that the cartoon states.  
     There was a time when some would tell me that they were for small government, or fiscal responsibility.  Or that they were "socially moderate" but "fiscally conservative".  That is clearly no longer possible, if it ever was.  That ship has sailed.  There is no more "socially moderate" policy.  No amount of fiscal responsibility can justify that.  
      So, enlighten me.  How, when the GOP all are for so little, and against so much, does anyone still vote for one?

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