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Monday, March 21, 2016

"Who Is The Hillary Voter?" Something You May Not Have Considered.

A campaign button from 2008

     Tomorrow is another election day for three states; Arizona, and Idaho's and Utah's caucuses.  Last Friday I read Eric Sasson's article, "Who Is the Hillary Voter?"

Who me?  Someone wants to know about little ol' me? 

Okay, seriously.  

     I know I'm not the only one who is tired of the media's portrayal of the Hillary voter as voting with their heads, or while holding their nose, or for practical reasons, or for whatever cock a mamie reason they dream up.  I know, because I trade gripes with people all day long, almost every day, across the nation and in person.

     What I'd like to point out, is something that has been totally missed by the media.  Perhaps, for many others as well.   Given that studies are showing that the majority of Hillary's supporters are 40 years old and over... THINK ABOUT IT.  WHEN WE FIRST BECAME ENAMORED WITH HILLARY WAS 20+ YEARS AGO, WHEN WE WERE YOUNG.  That's right; Once upon a time, Hillary's supporters were young, passionate, and full of energy.  
You know, like the majority of Sanders' support today.  Twenty years later, WE'RE STILL WITH HER.  As we were back then...

Cover from People, July 1992

She was awesome then.  She's only continued to wow.  What other candidate can say that?  

So here I am.
     I'm late 40's, white, happily married hetero woman.  I'm a feminist.  I'm a mom with 2 daughters.  I believe in God but maybe not the way you do.  I have loved ones who are different in every way that we can be.  Right now, and for the better part of the last 3 years, despite not getting paid, I've been trying to make my life long dream of being a published paid writer a reality. 
     Passion to me goes a lot deeper than jumping around and shouting, or writing the same thing over and over against one person because you're so "passionate" about another person. 
What motivates me to vote for Hillary?
     I like her.  A lot.  Have for 20+years.  More aptly put perhaps is when I was young, impulsive, passionate, was when I was first introduced to Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Yes, I was young too.  Remember in '95 when she gave the "Women's Rights Speech"?  I do.  I was 27 at the time.  Even though I was young and passionate, I was old enough to have gotten a taste of how the world was.  She went against the grain to do that speech.  Let me tell you something; THAT WAS DAMN EXCITING.  Actually, there's so much of what that woman has done that has been damn exciting and inspiring. 
      There's good reason why she's respected around the globe.  Here, in the US, it's complicated for sure.  Actually it's not.  If you listen to the media, chances are there's drama saying this or that, but really that's just not what I see.
     Thinking, how many times that people have suggested that I'm voting for Hillary, just because she's a woman.  Considering the others' resumes, and experience, which I find to be wanting, to put it mildly; I think it's more likely that people are voting for them, just because they're men.
     Can't speak for the other 8,651,258 people who have voted for her thus far, but here are the views of a few other "Hillary Voters" to help fill out the demographic:

     Unremarkable Caucasian mid-40s software engineer and entrepreneur from Atlanta, married with a 7yo daughter. This makes me demographically a relatively unlikely Clinton voter, but you know... Screw demographics :)

     I’m first generation American/Colombian, 51 year old, 6 year veteran (USAF), hetero, single parent, independent contractor, Christian sunday school teacher, promoter of Love, Mercy, Grace, Compassion and Tolerance.  


     I'm in my 30's- don't love saying that because of ageism in Hollywood, haha.  White bougie dried up old feminist working in "liberal" Hollywood.  I majored in Women's Studies and Theatre.  Former reality star.  I'm in 4 secret pro Hillary fb groups- why are they secret? Because we don't want to deal with BernieBros unsolicited opinions.  Successful women are the TRUE silent majority πŸ˜˜πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ’“πŸ‘Έ

     I am in the 40+ group of Americans: female, post graduate education, worked in male dominated fields all my adult life, LGBT activist, political activist, civil rights activist, feminist, disabled by legal standards, and someone who happens to be a happy lesbian with a wife. We live in an area now that is considered to have the most informed electorate in the country and while we still engage society as activists, we know how far we've come, how much we've been pushed back, and how far we still have to go. We don't have much but we are charitable dreamers with a vision of the future that is a positive one with people working together in peace. Many would think we would be Sanders supporters - we are Team Hillary.
     While we are dreamers and progressive activists, we are also pragmatic progressives. The job of the President is unique. At a time in our history when we need a qualified progressive at the helm the most, we need someone who understands and has experience with the "real world". Hillary's qualifications and experience as SoS and FLOTUS make her uniquely qualified.
     Hillary's life of public service delivering real change for progressive causes; her passion for civil and human rights; her heart's evolution on issues that we care about; her work for diverse communities left behind and left out here at home and around the world; and her commitment as a fighter to get back up every time she is knocked down, are all reasons to support her. She has been in the global and national public eye for over 40 years - she leads in transparency in spite of political risk. She has fought and beaten Republicans at their political games.
     No one better understands the economy and the relationship between domestic policy and foreign policy better than Hillary. We've scrutinized her record (she is not perfect), we've examined her policy proposals, we've read assessments by Democrat, Republican, and non-partisan experts, and we've listened to her in person talk about the things that are important to her, her vision for the future, and her pragmatism in leading the fight for all of us. I could never list all of the reasons we support Hillary but #SheStandsWithUs   #StillStanding   #WeAreTeamHillary  

     I supported Hillary in 2008, and am again this year. She has the best resume of anybody on either side, and I believe she is willing to kick the asses needed to get things done. Obama has done remarkable things, in his own way. But he is no substitute for a ball-busting chief executive.

     A Hillary Voter is a Democrat, not a Populist.

* Lynn
     I voted for Hillary in '08 and she is the only candidate in either party that has the experience and qualifications!

     Hill voter here. Dem who can't tolerate extremists to the right, or the left.  I'm a liberal but, I'm also a realist.
     I am a hetero, white male grandfather, from a tiny rural farming village who has worked in law enforcement for over thirty years....and I am on fire for Hillary!

  I have fought for progressive values and Justice my entire life; I participated in the Civil Rights and Anti-War Movements in the sixties and seventies, I was on the Washington Mall for the ERA in 78', I worked with Ralph Nader in the activist group Clean Water before there even was a "Green Party," I was a member of Green Peace before the producers of the television show, "Whale Wars" were even born, and my wife and I were with eight hundred thousand others in Central Park, NY in 1982 fighting for a nuclear free world and we haven't stopped...and, I am excited to support Hillary.

  I support Hillary specifically because I am angry with Washington! Washington doesn't work because it is full of inexperienced, extremist, uncompromising, legislators who do not know how to do their jobs! I support Hillary because she is experienced, is not extremist, knows when to compromise, does know how to do her job and is a person running on compassion, care and concern for every American to boot!

  I could go on and on and am proud to be a Hillary supporter!


     Married 30 something mom. My millennial daughters are voting for the first time and they're with Hillary too! First time I am moved to be active and let my choice and voice be heard.  Tired of media trying to speak for entire groups of people!

     I'm going to be 50 in a few months. I have a 20 year old son, and an 18 year old daughter. I'm a progressive, liberal democrat, married to a conservative, Christian republican, and I am a Hillary supporter. 
     I've been an admirer of Hillary since she was first lady, and have always wanted her to be President. I did not vote for her in '08, because I became enamored with Obama. I have not regretted that decision, but this time I'm older, and wiser, and will not waiver from my dedication to Hillary. 
     I believe her to be the most qualified to run this country, at this particular moment in time. Obama has made much progress, and she will continue that progress. I do NOT want a "revolution", I do NOT want to tear everything down and start over, I want serious, practical, working solutions.  And YES - damnit - I'm freaking excited about her campaign! 

     I don't know about myself, but in my view Hillary supporters are informed, intelligent, thoughtful, curious, practical, and responsible.    

     I'm just a guy who was in my early twenties during the Clinton years whose family enjoyed the prosperity.  My folks have been long time Democrats and were always strong supporters of the Clintons.  Although I've voted twice for President Obama, I've realize the strong, logical political figure she has been/has become to pick up where he's going to leave off.  With her experience and strength she is the natural successor to the Oval Office.  People best get used to it. 

     White, gay, Mid 40's college graduate and I am originally from Arkansas.  I owe a great deal of my education to programs which then First Lady of Arkansas Clinton championed and instituted!

     I am in my 30's, White, single, parent.  I came to the US as a refugee, from Eastern Europe, but am now a citizen.  From Chicago area, Illinois.     

     Caucasian 52 year-old lesbian.  LGBT and civil rights activist.  Women's rights is also a passion of mine not just in the US but all over the world.  I was very happy when the ACA was passed.  I am a breast cancer survivor.  I am a Greek-American.  
     Trump's success in the US has given rigs to increased fascism in Europe.  I supported Hillary during her last run and when Obama won the nominations, I volunteered to help Obama get elected and reelected.  I made thousands of phone calls and knocked on doors in Media, Glenolden, Broomall and Newtown Square Pennsylvania- Republican townships.  I met Hillary Clinton and Ed Rendel at a town hall meeting in Narberth PS.  She is an incredible human being with a brilliant mind.  She has fought all her life for women's rights and human rights and if elected will help level the playing field.  
      I'm a tree-hugging liberal, as left as you can get, but I'm pragmatic and believe that we should continue moving forward.  Bernie's all or nothing approach, while bringing attention to the inequality in our country, is dividing the Democratic party.  I do not believe Americans are ready for a self-proclaimed socialist despite what the polls show.
     Hillary has over 40 years of experience in public service and is more than qualified to lead our country.  She is someone who can work both sides of the aisle, which, after 7+years of obstructionism, will be a welcome change.
     I can't wait to see Hillary in the White House!

Cheers to that!
     Tomorrow is another day where we'll perhaps learn a little more of who the Hillary voter is.
Hope this has dissolved some of the mystery, and done away with some of those, preconceived, concocted notions created by who knows who.

     If you'd like to see why more, and I mean much more, are for Hillary, 
click ->WHY HILLARY!  

   There's no end to the enthusiasm~

Yep, I'm For Hillary!                                        Damn Exciting!

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