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Saturday, March 19, 2016

This & That Saturday

       As much as I try to post at least 3 new posts a week, there are times that is just doesn't happen.  This was even first titled, "This & That Friday." Oh well.
     Spring's around the corner, and things need sorted and cleaned.  Preparing for Easter, and thinking of a few fun things to do over my kids' Spring Break.  And working on my book.  So, here's a little dab of this and a little dash of that.

     As much as I've been writing about politics, there is lot going on outside of that arena.  Just a gentle reminder, to check out The Sadie Project and consider sharing your story about how you feel about being a female in today's world.  Again, it is 100% anonymous.  I will continue it for long past March, but since it is National Women's History Month, why not take advantage of the inspiration of the moment?

     With the primaries going on there are lots of predictions of what will happen come June, when the primaries end.  Not to mention in July, when the conventions take over Cleveland and Philadelphia.  For the record, other than being bombastic, I do not find Donald Trump to be any scarier than Ted Cruz, or John Kasich.  Despite taking a couple of days to figure it out;(?) at least Trump attempted to distance himself from David Duke.  Wish I could say the same for Ted Cruz about Pastor Kevin Swanson.  It's circumstances like this that led to my theory about what the real motive was behind Trump running.

     Tuesday, March 22, brings another day, where we'll discover who the states, Arizona, Idaho, and Utah hope to see as their next president.  Nothing can be taken for granted.  VOTE.

     Hope you are enjoying the first signs of spring.

     Have a great weekend.


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