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Friday, April 1, 2016

A Thank You Note To Donald

This week has been Spring Break, so there hasn't been much free time.  Still, always important to get Thank You notes out in a timely manner.  This one goes out to Mr. Trump.

Dear Mr. Trump;

     I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU FOR BRINGING THE TOPIC OF ABORTION TO THE ATTENTION OF THE MASSES.
     Right now you and your campaign are doing a lot of dancing around to say how you really feel about, and to try to figure out who should be punished in the event of an abortion.  Journalists are pulling up old Howard Stern footage, Ted Cruz and John Kasich are feigning disgust and balking at, trying capitalize on what you said.

     I am sorry that your history is getting caught in the snare of the your impetuous attempts at sounding... well not certain as to what you're aspiring to sound like, but for the sake of argument, I'm going to assume you are aiming for presidential.  But be comforted that you are far from being the first  presidential candidate that comes off as hypocritical.  You, as I believe many are starting to grasp, have enlightening stated, that if Planned Parenthood is defunded, and Roe vs. Wade is overturned, it will make it illegal to obtain an abortion.  Yes, it would be easier if this took care of it all.  But pesky humans and their needs, alas, heads will roll, and someone will need to be charged as criminal.  By definition someone who commits an act that is not in accordance to the law. 

     However, after hearing one of your female spokeswomen talking with Craig Melvin this morning, she clarified (I think) that you were only referring to prosecuting doctors in the event of an illegal abortion.  Did I miss something?  If you and your ilk have their way, won't all abortions will be illegal?  Let's make a few things clear before going forward.

     You know, you're not alone in your thoughts Donald J. Trump.  Can't help but wonder, if this was the type of revolution that Susan Sarandon was hypothesizing you may start?  But for certain, the other two Republican presidential candidates, Rafael Edward Cruz, (Ted) and John Richard Kasich are just as excited to defund Planned Parenthood, and overturn Roe vs. Wade.  Heck they've even been at work on it way before this presidential fiasco started.

On abortion, Cruz is "strongly pro-life" and "would allow the procedure only when a pregnancy endangers the mother's life."  Can't help but wonder, with the abolishment of the ACA, how this would be, or if it would be, covered in that great ACA "Replacement Plan" that you and your co-GOP buddies have hidden somewhere.  Can't you just imagine how many lawyers this scenario could employ.  Hope they can get the court date in time to make the decision on whether mother lives or dies. 

Kasich is a "firm abortion opponent"[78] and describes himself as pro-life.[79][80][81] Since 2011, Kasich has signed 16 anti-abortion measures into law.[79][76] In June 2013, Kasich signed into law a state budget which mandated abortion providers to offer information on family planning and adoption services in certain situations, and barred abortion providers from entering into emergency transfer agreements with public hospitals.[81] The bill stripped some $1.4 million in federal dollars from Planned Parenthoodby placing the organization last on the priority list for family-planning funds.[81][82] The bill also provided funding to crisis pregnancy centers.[82] Under the budget, rape crisis centers could lose public funding if they counseled sexual assault victims about abortion.[82]
     So, actually you better get to cracking to catch up to these two.  If any of you three Republican candidates were to become president, most (if not all) abortions would be illegal.  I'm not sure how the decision to prosecute the doctor, is supposed to make anyone feel better, or to perhaps lessen the sting.  If a woman can't find a doctor to provide an abortion, due to the doctor not wanting to be arrested, then either there will be a rise in unwanted people; (where should they go?) or women will take matters into their own hands literally and either rid the country of one or two mouths to feed, (and heck, won't be your problem, anyways).  Curious; what will happen to the doctors who do their own?  You do realize there are quite a few female doctors these days; what happens to those who do abortions on themselves?  Since you're very rich, perhaps you would like to help ensure the welfare of some of the lives that you forced into being. 
     Here's one possible solution.  Pass legislation that boys who turn a certain age, (12 maybe, you can reflect on your youth) have vasectomies.  Then when they marry and are married for certain amount of time, the vasectomy can be reversed.  Hey come on, it's no crazier than that wall idea.
     Then, one more teensie thing, which, I know doesn't really concern any of you guys, but if anyone else reads this, I REALLY WOULD LIKE TO KNOW... 
     As long as we still have to discuss whether or not half of society has the right to decide what goes on within their body, essentially saying that it's up for strangers' interpretation, not trusting that person to know what's best for them; since there's even been Supreme Court hearings on whether or not a woman should be allowed to work while pregnant
How can that not impact us economically?  Since we look at this as a "women's issue" and not one that affects us all?

Put another way; is it really that crazy of a notion that it's time to bring this to the front and center?  To understand that this impacts us all economically when we place constraints on half of our citizens? 

Forgive me, for thinking this is important.  
It has been shelved long enough. 

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