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Monday, April 4, 2016

For Monday, SG #3!

Welcome to the third entry for The Sadie Project! 
     I'd like to apologize for the delay on this post.  I've had it for a couple of weeks.  I have been recently going over drafts, doing editing, some merging, and some deleting.

     As I've said before, there are no requirements other than you identify as female.  Even though my first posts have been for one candidate, I'd like to hear from supporters of others, or if you'd prefer to leave off politics, that's fine to.

So, happy Monday, and hope you enjoy the third sharing for The Sadie Project!

     I am a Caucasian 52 year-old lesbian. Presently not in a relationship. I work as an administrative assistant at Haverford College which is located about 30 minutes away from Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love. LGBT and civil rights actvist. Women's rights is also a passion of mine not just in the US but all over the world. I was very happy when the ACA was passed.

     I'm a breast cancer survivor - had a R breast mastectomy a year and a half ago. Because my tumor was ER+ and PR+, I have to take Arimidex indefinitely to protect me from developing cancer again. "When a person gets cancer the whole family gets cancer." This quote says alot. My family and friends have supported me throughout my journey and I am grateful to have had a second chance in life. I volunteered as a 'cancer buddy' to help newly diagnosed breast cancer patients. Sarah, my cancer buddy helped me, and I am presently helping Rose who was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer.

     I am Greek-American. My parents came to the US in the early 60s in search of a better life (if anyone has witnessed the economic genocide in Greece, you can understand why my parents left Greece). It pains me to see so many Greeks suffering due to successive corrupt administrations. The corruption and cronyism destroyed the Greece I once knew. My sister and I attended a private junior high school in Maroussi (a suburb north of the heart of Athens). The refugee crisis concerns me. The desperate (Greeks) helping the desperate (refugees). The situation in Europe is changing from welcoming refugees to closed borders. In Germany and France, the extreme right parties are drawing many more supporters. Trump's success in the US has given rise to increased fascism in Europe. I am embarrassed at the Republican party making a mockery of the US and will do everything that I can to make certain that Hillary wins in November. I supported Hillary during her last run and when Obama won the nomination, I volunteered to help Obama get elected and reelected. I made thousands of phone calls and knocked on doors in Media, Glenolden, Broomall and Newtown Square, Pennsylvania - Republican townships.

     I met Hillary Clinton and Ed Rendel at a townhall meeting in Narberth, PA. She is an incredible human being with a brilliant mind. She was the first to bring attention to millions of uninsured Americans when she was first lady. She has fought all her life for women's rights and human rights and if elected will help level the playing field. 

     I'm a tree-hugging liberal, as left as you can get, but I'm pragmatic and believe that we should continue moving forward. Bernie's all-or-nothing approach, while bringing attention to the inequality in our country, is dividing the Democratic party. I do not believe Americans are ready for a self-proclaimed socialist despite what the polls show. 

     Hillary has over 40 years of experience in public service and is more than qualified to lead our country. She is someone who can work both sides of the aisle, which, after 7+ years of obstructionism, will be a welcome change. 

     Thank you for this post.  I read 'Who Is the Hillary Voter' last night and I laughed.  With so much attention on who is the Trump, Bernie, Cruz, etc. voter the Hillary voter is being taken for granted. 

I can't wait to see Hillary in the White House!

Just in case you didn't see...

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