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Friday, April 8, 2016

Let Me Say It Another Way...

Happy Friday. 

     Hope you enjoyed reading the latest entry for The Sadie Project.  While I've been working on a few posts, today's is going to be another quick thought.

     As the presidential race goes on, emotions continue to rise to the occasion.  I've received a few nicknames, as well as colorful comments, in response to my support of Hillary Clinton.  I usually either ignore, or gently suggest that the person goes to the site of the candidate that they support, and leave supportive, positive statements there.  

Maybe I just need to put it in another way.  So, to anyone who cares; 
If Hillary Clinton was not running,
Sanders would still not be my choice. 

     I don't know who else could run, to say who I would support, or if by chance who could run, that would make Sanders seem like a good choice to me.  Different times, difference candidates.

So, if you prefer, I just don't feel the Bern, and I'll vote for whoever is the other one.  Come November, I'll vote Blue, no matter who.

Have a good weekend.

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