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Saturday, April 23, 2016

He Just Doesn't Care.

    Yesterday, I posted an attempt at bringing a little levity and peace to the current campaign season.
I also passed on some pro Hillary articles and memes.
Got called a couple of names.
So, I took my advice, took a deep breath and went out, looked around and enjoyed my day.
Later in the day, I returned to the computer.

I saw this:
     Mrs. Sanders Suggests Bernie's Supporters Won't Vote For Hillary

... thought, Thanks for the newsflash.  We've been dealing with "Bernie or Bust" for months.

       I'm not gonna rehash my thoughts on this, if you want to know click->... OH HECK can't find it!
      In a nutshell, I believe as many others do that if Hillary wins the primary, but the Bernie or Bust do as they are claiming, and do not vote Blue no matter who, come November 8th; that could pretty much sew up the White House for the GOP.   One of my main problems with that is that all 3 of the bozo's are promising to do whatever it takes to overturn Roe v. Wade, (or reverse it or whatever- point is put us back to the world of the 60's).  Considering we are still having issues 40+ years after that decision was made, enforces the belief that if any of the GOP clowns gets into office, my daughters will grow up with less rights than I had, as will their daughters.  There is a group, GOP for Choice, which stands to make elections of the future interesting other than just for resembling a Survivor spinoff.  That's not the case today.
      So whether it's Jane, BernieorBust, or a writer, who are holding the party hostage; Bernie doesn't care.  I have not heard him claim once, that he did not support or encourage this BernieOrBust bulsh...

Then I saw this:  
     Sanders Campaign's Weaver,"We're Going To The Convention..."

     What would have happened if Hillary would have done that in '08?  If things had gone the other way in 2008, (some sites even state that Hillary's popular vote was greater), or just if Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, had not graciously won, and graciously lost? 

     What if either one of them, would have carried on as such to get the nomination?

     I would have called them spoiled brats.  For a little clarification, spoiled brats want what they want, regardless of consequences to anyone else.  They don't care. 

     Mr. Weaver's latest interview is not the first time I've heard of the plan.   Right around the time of Dr. Song's "Democratic whores" comment, when Dr. Song clarified that he didn't mean Sec. Clinton- just the congress; I heard somewhere Sanders' campaign was planning on "wooing" Super Delegates.  I wondered if it would be through the "Hit List"; or one of the classifications- "Democratic Whore" or "The Establishment"; that would provide their target audience. 

    I have long wondered how, Bernard Sanders could not step up to the mic, to disclaim, and denounce, certain surrogates.  To make certain that there was no doubt, that negative comments, and profanity had no place in supporting him.  Seems to me if he had made clear that any extreme negative, statements made on his behalf, WERE NOT APPRECIATED OR CONDONED BY HIM, and reiterated from time to time; it may have not have escalated to the current nauseous level.  Yet time and time again, I see chummy photos of him and his negative vocal surrogates.  He thanked Dr. Song along with others such as Rosario Dawson for their introduction that day.  
   The next morning HE TWEETED: "Dr. Song's comment was inappropriate and insensitive. There's no room for language like that in our political discourse."

     How big of him.  He tweeted.  Didn't make a statement anywhere; nor did he make an "IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT"- he just keeps on, soaking it in.
     He had not only an opportunity but a responsibility to call out, to put an end to the negative comments and any actions that had the potential to incite.  Instead, as per usual he's just reveled in the cheers of the people that have gathered.  He does not care. 

     There was a time that I thought that despite, not having the experience or the mindset of a president, I figured that Bernie Sanders was a decent person.  

I am beginning to think otherwise. 

     I have come to conclude the reason that he does not denounce the bullies, is that he knows, that occasionally people are swayed and succumb to a bully's harassment.  He doesn't care.  Who knows?  It may help him.

      Just as if come June 14th, with the final election in DC complete; if he's found wanting in delegates and popular, vote, what of it?  He doesn't care.  He will further divide a party that 9 months prior, he wasn't even a member.  A party that at one time he referred to as  "ideologically bankrupt".  He does not care. 

     As of today, Secretary Clinton has 10,404,655 votes.  More than any other candidate Democrat or Republican.  I'm not saying that Sanders cannot overcome that number.  I am saying that's a lot of people to not care about.  Sort of brings back Romney's 47%.  The sentiment that was drawn from Romney, was when it came down to it, he didn't care about 47% of Americans.  There are several more primaries to go.  So numbers will grow.  Even so, 10 million people are a lot of folks to say, that you don't care about their vote.  Their hopes.  

     By continuing past the selection process that has brought us 44 presidents, Sanders is stating that he does not care what you think, if you did not vote for him.  Your vote, was in vain.  Any time that you went forth, trying to find out information, any plans that you took time to research.  If it didn't end up as a vote for him, YOU DO NOT MATTER.  

Anyone running for president who doesn't think that the hopes of 10 million people matter...


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