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Monday, April 25, 2016

Just Another Monday...A Repost of A World Without Men

     Today is Monday.  Gorgeous spring day, lots to do.  Have other posts coming, but for today, I'm just reposting this one from last August.  Just to give all something to think about ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 
Have a good Monday, and if you live in, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, or Rhode Island, be sure to get out and vote.

     In all likelihood, this will be a short post.  We shall see.  Rest assured, long or short, you know by visiting here, it won't be the last that you'll hear of it.

Not sure if anyone saw, but yesterday, I was irked to my boiling point by this post, and had this to comment:

Like I've said before, one of the BIG PROBLEMS WITH THE GOP CANDIDATES IS THEY DON'T LISTEN!!  Despite Megyn Kelly telling him that 83% of voters believe that abortion should be available in some cases, Scott Walker totally disregards that and goes on to say that he THINKS he has similar opinion of many Americans that the fetus needs protection.

Then don't even get me started on the Angry Preacher. (That's Mike Huckabee, if you haven't read any of my recent posts.)  To give the same rights to a fetus as a full grown person; to equate abortion to murder.  It is a medical procedure pure and simple.

If they succeed, how about women finally unite?  Stop having intercourse with men.  Fall in love with women, or if sadly you are a hetero, and must have the part of a man that causes a fetus; opt for and get an array of toys.  You won't even have to worry about that 4 hour deal.  The world has more than 7 billion people right now, let's take a few years off of adding to it.
Maybe if we do something as extreme- maybe some day we'll get a little respect.

     Last night I had the pleasure of watching Amy Schumer's  "Mostly Sex Stuff" and Natasha Leggaro's "Live At Bimbo's".  Both shows were BRILLIANT.  
     Then today, I came across the article, "No Men Allowed..."  In case you don't click, the article is about a village in Umoja Kenya, started by 15 survivors of rape, that is home to exclusively 42 women and 200 children.  No men are allowed.  

     Now, as I've expressed before I am happily married.  However, I have two daughters that I will not encourage to marry.  I'll delve into that on another day.  For now, let me just wrap this up with a few thoughts.

     Yes, there are some good men out there today.  But there are also men that cling to the old ways and traditions and think that because their grandpas did this and that a certain way, that's the way to do it now.  In short, they're not nice to women.

     Women on the other hand, evolve.  Why?  Because they must.  We all know that, necessity is the MOTHER of invention.  

     People do not like to be hit or hurt in any other way.  People like to be able to decide their own destinies, through choice and hard work.  When people are restrained in any shape or form, they will eventually try to break free.  Women, just as men, are people.

    The following makes no sense to me.

-To not educate children about their bodies, yet somehow expect them to magically know how to ignore needs that their body craves akin to being fed.  

-To provide no birth control.

-To insist that every ejaculation that meets with an egg, must come forth, regardless of readiness of the female body; regardless of the relationship (committed, violent, non existent) of the female and the male; regardless of expected quality of life beyond the physical.

-The desire to add to a population that is already exhausting the planet's resources.

-The notion to ignore present facts and instead, cling to the past to answer the questions of the future.

     When people are pushed into a corner, with choices and freedoms denied, the outcome will be violent.  It is the opinion of the oppressed that must be valued and learned from.

*Lesson of the day:  Even if you get your way; you may not like the outcome.     

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