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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Very Bad Mood.

     It started yesterday afternoon.  

With a trip to the kids' dentist's office.  Despite the initial diagnosis of no cavities, if I was to comply with all the recommendations for my child, it would be a little more than $800.  That's for one child. 

And dentists wonder why they're dreaded. 

Then the results of yesterday's Indiana primary election came in. 

And the darling press. 

     So, after hearing The Donald and The Bern clamor on and on about how great they are, after their wins; then I was flipping from channel to channel, and something else got to me.

          Men.  The prevalence of men on screen; male candidates, male campaign staffers, male news commentators.  MENMENMENMENMENMENMENMEN. 

          This is hard to comprehend if you are a man I know.  Or even if you are a woman, who has not come to realize that the degree that women are featured on/in TV, books, (especially religious books) and movies, no way correlates to the fact that half the US population is female.  There will be posts delving further into this in the future, but suffice it to say, that this irritates the hell out of me. 
     So, when the bad days, come; best to go to sleep, until it turns into a new day. 

     Now, today you can hear everywhere, are the responses of the Trump campaign after Secretary Clinton called him a "Loose Cannon".  

     For the record, I didn't need Hillary Clinton to tell me that Trump was a loose cannon- I'm intelligent enough to have arrived at that conclusion all on my own. 
      Let's see... after he called Mexicans rapists; after he claimed he was going to build a wall, because, (gesturing hands in hands out) nobody builds walls like him; after he wouldn't even answer a commentator's question, (Megyn Kelley) 
     Since Sanders won Indiana yesterday, his campaign, despite being down by 3 million votes and more than 300 delegates, goes on.  I've already let my thoughts be known, in He Just Doesn't Care, and in What I Don't Get And What I Do... 
     Yet the press rarely covers these points of concern about Sanders, much less, the implausibility of his campaign.  
     So the beat goes on... but all of it is frustrating.  It does help to know that there are those that share my concerns. 
     As pointed out in Beware The Public Image. 

Even if it's only one aspect of my bad mood.

Tomorrow is another day.




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