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Monday, May 2, 2016

It's Their Own Damn Fault.

     My dear, sweet, GOP.  
     I'll stick with calling them that, instead of the Republican Party.  That way, I can entertain all the alternative phrases to "Grand Old Party" I want, within my imagination.  I'll keep those to myself.  Consider it to be how I was raised.  If you can't say something nice...

     Meanwhile, tomorrow is the Indiana primary.  And if you haven't heard, there are still efforts to stop Trump.  

     Last August, I wrote a post, Is It Really That Big of A Surprise? where I address the phenomena of Trump.  To me, then it was quite clear, that he understood something; be it an intangible, the media, or whatever.  It should have been dealt with then, if not before, by the RNC, if they did not want him as one who represented their party. 

     I am not of the GOP, so few, if any are going to care what I have to say.  But I'm human, so of course that's not gonna stop me.  
     I am not a fan of Cruz or Trump.  As for Trump; don't think I'm one that's drooling over the thought of the Democrat nominee running against such a candidate. Trump's gotten this far for many reasons; and unfortunately what has gotten him thus far, will not cease if he gets the nomination.  
     As Tommy Lee Jones' character, K, beautifully articulates:

Let's do some math. 
372 Delegates available through the 6 states left, that are Winner Take All.
   South Dakota-29
   New Jersey- 51
   Montana- 27
   California- 172

With the four remaining states, there are 3 that are Proportional Wins: Oregon-28, Washington-44,
New Mexico-24; and then West Virginia-34 that is a Direct Election, which I think, is by direct vote, and the person with the majority gets the 34 delegates, as in the Winner Take All States. 

502 Total Delegates left to grab.

So, Donald right now has 996, and Ted has 565.  John Kasich has 153; he's in 4th place, behind Marco Rubio, who has 171.  <Sigh>

Now, to me, considering that 1237 delegates are needed for the nomination, means that Trump needs only 241 more delegates.  He could get that in a number of ways.  Where as even if Cruz sweeps the entire remaining states, he will still come up short. 

Considering I'm not of the GOP, I confess, I do not know of all the different ways they can add, to end up with their nominee.  Frankly, I'm not certain they even know at this point
     Now, I think Marco Rubio has endorsed Ted Cruz, so perhaps, he can give Cruz his 171 delegates, so if Cruz was to go forth and sweep the remaining contests, he would come up with 1238 delegates, by the primaries' end.  Likewise, Kasich could hand over his 153 delegates.  But, I know Kasich has dreams of his own.

But really, if you think about it, it's a clusterfuck pure and simple. 

And it really is their own damn fault.

Let's go back to last summer.


It still amazes me.  As I've stated in other posts, I can't help but wonder what led to so many?  However, like many I have a theory.  My theory was, and remains, because some backward ass thought processes could not resist the fact that the other side had as their suspected lead candidate, a female.   One that had been raked across the spikes for the last 20+years, which despite being one of the most accomplished politicians of the late 20th-21st century, each candidate smugly, undoubtedly believed, that the Grand Old Party's spin machine could easily dismantle.  So, from this they derived that it was a good time to run.

As I look at each photo above, I am more certain of my theory.  

Why else would a candidate run for the highest office in the land, 

 when, they have no former experience in government;

or they have low favorbility ratings from the state that they represent; 

or they were under indictment for abuse of power;

or have impending legal trouble where they're a governor;

or they have very little to claim as accomplishments;

or the majority of registered Republicans don't even know who the hell they are?  Remind me, who is the 4th one over, on the bottom row?

   Once everyone that had ever had a vision of being PRESIDENT, had put their hat in, the RNC, should have gone to work, and hard, if they had any hope of regaining the White House.  

     Those early debates were debacles to put it nicely.
     Through some means, whether it was on the part of the candidate, or the RNC, there should have been some communication, as to what should have proceeded, to not make the United States the talk of the global water cooler.   
     I don't know what; just some kind of organization to indicate that there was a united front, or that everything was under control.  Or just to prove that there is something behind the curtain.  Perhaps the only candidates that should have been encouraged to continue past the announcement phase, were those that met with certain criteria.  The above guidelines; perhaps spelling tests in honor of Dan Quayle and geography tests in honor of Sarah Palin.

I really do not know.   
     To me the Republican Party has been out of touch for some time.   

     I always thought that the American political system functioned best when there were at least two strong organized parties, to serve as a sort of balance, to keep each other on their toes.  To push forth the best America.  

     Years ago, Bill Maher had a routine where he stated that Jesus was a Democrat, but God was a Republican.  It was damn funny, and it was perceptive of the political climate of the time.

     Times have changed; things have changed; and the American people have definitely changed.  

Mr. Maher, is now an atheist.

     As for the Republican party-if the Grand Old Party doesn't start to make some grand ol' changes;
they're going to need to start doing seances to find support for their ideas and platforms. 

Happy voting tomorrow!

To think, once upon a time, I thought Donald may need some Tips...

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