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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Why The Struggle?

Okay for a moment, let's say all the bad that's said about Hillary was true.

     The emails?  As expressed in "Email, Shmeemail",  I suspect Secretary is more like me in her knowledge of technology than Thomas Gabriel; in that it presents so much of a challenge doubt if she ever had nefarious intentions by using her private email.  Even so, if she did...

     Well, that wouldn't bother me near as much as Trump's expressed attitude on half the US population.

I mean women.  Not to mention all the other demographics that he's insulted, and acted against.

     Benghazi?  Did you watch the how many hour investigation?  What number investigation was that?  With all due respect to the four men who lost their lives, there has yet to be a president or a Secretary of state that hasn't lost life.  What scares me more is that Trump is admittedly looking forward to bombing the shit out of places with no thought toward collateral damage.  If he even understands the term "collateral" or many other terms scares me even more.

     The speeches? I'd pay to hear her talk over Trump any day of the week and twice on Sundays.  Still Trump has made a lot more from his speeches, so doubt if this will come up much in his accusations.  Not to mention preferring Hillary's speeches over Sarah Palin, both President's Bush, Tony Blair, Lance Armstrong and another who has made a considerable chump of change from speaking.  Senator Sanders has never been an option since he's been in office for last 30+years.  Nobody can while in office.

     Also, if all that was true, and she's still at large?  That is one freakishly, incredibly smart, candidate, and hell yes I'd want that level of intelligence as the leader of my country.
     I said it before; even if Hillary wasn't running, Bernie would not be my choice.  That goes double for the Donald.  There's even chatter about Trump debating Sanders in the next few days.  Frankly I've seen enough of both in the past year, and after watching these; I'm good.

   If they actually do debate, I doubt it will be this entertaining.  It's spring, school's out and I have much better things to do.

I had another title in mind for this post:

"What's your problem?"  Better put, pray tell me, what's so great about Donald Trump?  His love lives?  His sons that hunt big game?  His bankruptcies?  Junk bonds?  Perhaps the Minnesota dentist that killed Cecil may consider a VP spot with Trump.

I think it's funny/interesting/scary that with Hillary, the media, and the "others" have to spin shtuff reveal stories to make her look worse.

Whereas with Donald, the GOP are scrambling, trying figure out how the hell to make him seem more presidential.  Yeah... Good luck with that.

     I wonder, when Donald looks in the mirror, and thinks, (does he ever?) about it... He's not exactly white.   Haven't listened too much, doesn't exactly know the Bible, and how the hell he can convince the masses that he's for anyone that makes less than six figures, is beyond me.  He's not fooling me.

     Somewhere I wrote that those who support Donald, must be the ones that root for the villain in Disney films.  Honestly, I'd vote for Mark Cuban, Kanye West, or Ross Perot before I'd ever vote for Trump.  Fortunately for me, I don't think it's gonna come to that.

     I kinda get it if you don't like Hillary Clinton for some unexplainable quirk that's more about you, than her.  For an example, truth be known, I've never been a fan of John Wayne or the young Shirley Temple.  More on me than either of them.  There are also a number of people whom I've never met, (so really don't know), who are in the public's eye, still alive, that I don't like.  Despite, even if they share my views of politics, and the state of the world, they're not my cup of tea.  Go figure.

     Other than that, I tend to agree with this article in the Miami Herald.
     Still, even if you despise her; it does not justify Donald Trump.  As for all the mud he's going to sling in the upcoming months, here's some wisdom Mom used to say; "If you're so great, you don't need to drag others down."

     I am talking about the fact that one is sane and one is flat out, loose canon, bat shit crazy.
     After all the facts, if you're still proudly stating, "I'm voting for Trump,"

 that's just crazy talk.

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