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Sunday, June 5, 2016

What If?

Photo of Women's Club of Spokane members recreating the signing of The Declaration of Independence from 1919

     Don't get your jockstrap in a twist; I'm not looking to rewrite or dishonor history.  If we can imagine a whole society of solely animals, as in Zootopia, or that food has human traits, as in the upcoming movie, Sausage Party, surely we can talk about a more plausible scenario, without getting the nether regions twisted.

     What if the people who sat down and wrote the Declaration of Independence were all women?  The above photo is from the website for The Woman's Club of Spokane; so I'm not the only one that's ever contemplated this notion.

If you've been here before, this post will not be a surprise. 
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     As I expressed in Feminist Notes & A Plea, just as with Ken Cuccinelli, I've recently had to turn off the TV as too many news shows devote too much time gathering guests to discuss the apparently befuddling notion that Donald Trump does not appeal to women. 

     No kidding he's not appealing to women.  He's spent the majority of his life doing and saying one offensive thing after another that pisses off any woman that has a brain and is above dirt.  

     Regardless of whether you're for Hillary Rodham Clinton or not, more than likely in a few days, she will again, make history.  This time, even if I was not for her, as you know I am, that will be exciting!  I can't help wonder why more at all those "liberal media sites," are not making more todo about that. 
      Look at the photo at the top again.  Consider: Why does it seem so novel;strange;silly?  Perhaps because it excludes representation of half the population?  Notice, there are no women of color featured in the 1919 photo either.  Don't know what the demographics of 1919 were.  But it was nearly 100 years ago, and before women could vote, much less many other things. 
      As time moves on change happens.  It's inevitable.  One can deny, and try to turn back time, but consider how that turned out for King George, or the Confederacy.  Freedom, civil rights, once comprehended will not be given up.  Even if not at first, there will not be rest until liberties are won by every single human being. 

     So here's to one more step forward! 

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