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Thursday, June 16, 2016

My VP Thoughts-

      Saw a couple of articles that were pondering Sec. Clinton's pick for VP, so thought I'd look into the names that I keep hearing about.  
     There will be a few others maybe but with the candidates listed here, my pick is Senator Elizabeth Warren. 

     Followed by Senator Sherrod Brown, Sec. Julián Castro, and Senator Al Franken.   These are my gut calls.  The ones, I'd like to see, based on all I've read recently.  The reason for linking their names with Wikipedia is that is where many people start, and some people will finish with that.  

     Regardless of what we think, a choice will be made based on much more than Wikipedia.  
Again, it's summer, I don't get paid to do research, and my kids are calling...

     Still fun to consider.  Let me know what you think. 

58 yrs old CA House of Rep- Chair of Democratic Caucus been in since 2003

Strong Choice advocate, immigration advocate, protecting Soc. Sec. Medicaid

47 Senator from New Jersey since 2013

All around liberal.  Vegan, Single. Baptist.  Good name recognition, but again young.

63 yrs old OH Senator since 2007, was Sec of State in OH, and House beginning in 1975

Great human rights rating, pro trade, for breaking up big banks, one of most liberal.
On second marriage. 

58 yrs old, VA Senator  since 2013, prior, Va Governor, Liet Gov, and Mayor of Richmond fr. 1998. 
some foreign affair experience
Con- support coal biz in 2008 AND Abortion against personally -supports limits such as parental consent.  

Democrat who evolves slowly- has old fashioned patriarchal tendencies. 

41 years old- US Dept. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Since 2014, prior mayor San Antonio TX since 2009 
Good LGTB support, Con- Had part in sale of foreclosed houses to Wall Street?

Def future of DNC, may not be seasoned enough.

65 US Senator from Minnesota since 2009
As a SNL alum, probably one of the most well rounded candidates.  Very idealistic and likable. 

45 Mayor of Los Angeles 2013

expanded Police, works on environmental issues, -> clean water, works to be accessible to people. 

Jewish, photographer, jazz pianist, has fostered 7+ kids with wife, very into community. All around nice man.  My thought is LA needs him badly right now.  

56 yrs. old, US Senator from Minnesota since 2007
All around liberal, although not noted for one particular fight that I saw. 

Has worked across aisle, not an instigator, was a SD for Obama in 2008.  Church of Christ.  Good one to have in your corner, but don't see her as a strong leader. 

62 US Senator from Missouri since 2007 prior to that Auditor and House of Rep., beginning in 1983
Good fighter.  

Catholic, on second marriage.

54 yrs. old US Sec. of Labor as of 2013, career started in 2007

 civil rights. No mention of thoughts on LGTB or abortion.
Has articles of the like of "5 scandals that could hurt him".  Catholic. Too much own baggage? 

42 yrs old House of Rep OH since 2013, was in state senate from 2002

Into Mindfulness.  Catholic.  May be seen as liberal mumbo jumbo, but that might be good as may be way of future.

Wrote 2 books,
Gets abortion  As of January of 2015

Mind and heart definitely in right place, just not a lot of experience of being in the fight yet.  Wave of future. 

66 yrs old Senator from Massachusetts Since 2012

Strengths, Strong Consumer Proctection advocate, force in Banking regulating, 
Done A LOT in a short time.  Very effective.  
Con- was GOP until 1995, because she thought they were good for markets. On second marriage Methodist. 
Personally believe she's brilliant against Trump. After Nov. though that won't be necessary- but she is a great fighter. 

So, 12 possibles listed here; still less than the number who started out for GOP nominee.

Only time will tell.

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