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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The SuperHeroine Is Back!

Found on Internet, perhaps a Cirque Du Soleil performer.
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     Honestly, I am not sure what I want to say today.

Like many, I am still in shock about what happened in Orlando.

I woke up this morning and the first thing on Twitter that I saw was a claim being made by Donald Trump, (yes, the presumptive Republican Nominee, whatever.) that he'd be better for LGTB.

So I tweeted, "I have wings, can fly,have telekinetic powers and can teleport.Let's see...DAMN! Nope, doesn't work for me either😉"

Nope, just because Donald John Trump says it, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE.

It also does not require it to be the talking points of the news cycle for how ever long, or reported on at all for that matter.

The poor man is delusional; can we just call him as we see him, and make certain that we don't enable the plight of the Repbulican Party to become the nation's?

When I turn on the news, there is a lot of talk about all the nonsense that Donald's been spouting and reporting on the reactions to what Donald says.  Again, he's a batty cuckoo loony bird... that's covered, that's established, (not to confused with "establishment").

     I am human; this is my blog, thus my opinion.  It is not without fault, and should never be
construed as news.
     I do not know.  But I wonder, many things.

    I am not the only one who would like some explanation as to who thought it would be a good idea to give a man a job that entitled him to a gun, after it was acknowledged that he beat one that he vowed to love a cherish.? Or; if the FBI found insufficient evidence to arrest a person two times, wouldn't that have been something that could possibly be shared with a person's local police?

     Is it too much to ask that there be list somewhere, "THE FOLLOWING PERSONS HAVE SHOWN VIOLENT TENDENCIES; THEY MAY NOT BE THE BEST TO ACQUIRE AUTOMATIC ASSAULT WEAPONS."  Given that if they're violent, they not be the best at impulse control, since anything with the word "Automatic" is a no-no for those who are not impulse control pros.  In other words, anyone given to lapses of human fallacy.  IE: HUMANS.
     Given that whether through religion or government we as Americans tend to frown on killing, hitting, etc. words and actions that are frequently associated with the word ASSAULT.

     Frankly, I'd be pleased if I heard there were just constant ongoing conversations, by the people who get paid to have them; politicians and news people.

      "Ammunition Control" is a post I began awhile ago, but never posted.  Including it here just for the hope that some people will think, just think, about the idea.

Ammunition Control.

     Like many, lately hardly a day goes by without thinking about guns.  For reasons I stated in "What Is It Going To Take?"; I am not a gun owner.
     For reasons stated there as well as in "Let's Be Clear.."; since it's been 225+ years since the Second Amendment was ratified, and there have been many changes in the type of guns that are now made, not to mention the fact that the United States has grown, in size as well as population, it doesn't make since to me to rely on words written by men that had no clue of what was to come in the 19th century.  Not to mention the 21st.

      So after reading Sara Benincasa's "Dear America: Here's Your Gun Solution",

and seeing this photo there:

Bloomberg via Getty Images

I got to thinking.

     What if there were stricter ammunition laws?

It could be a start.

     Back to today's post.  
     I don't think we should be talking solely about guns, and gun control, but I do think it should be in the discussion.  NOT, as a talking point as in "Should we be talking about guns?" as the headline, and the top question of the news shows.  But more as the superheroine Samantha Bee went into last night:

     After I finish this post, I am going on Twitter and sending a tweet to Ms. Bee, that will use all 140 characters to say "THANK YOU!"

     She's not the only late night show celebrity that shown light on the gun matter, but here's a valid hope, if Samantha Bee is going to continue in this manner; WE'RE GOING TO NEED TO SEE HER A LOT MORE THAN ONCE A WEEK!

     Again, as Jon Stewart pointed out long ago to the hosts of Crossfire,  these shows are not meant to be news.  It's because of the lack of the heart of the matter being reported on "news shows".  That many times the news shows are more about show, and talking points, than news.  Again, that's not a new, unique, or novel perception.  But, if that's how it's going to be, I'd like to receive my "news" wink wink- from Samantha Bee.

     I don't know.  I do know that I would like it if people who are paid to talk about what affects me, whether it be politicians or news people; I would like to hear evidence that they're discussing more than just reactions to and the psychology behind of what each other says.  Make sense?

Thank you for reading through.  

Have a nice Tuesday.


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