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Saturday, June 11, 2016

A Few Points... Take Them As You Will

*This post was written back in the first of March, but it never was posted.  Many points that are in it have been included in other recent political posts.  Now that the primaries are pretty much wrapped up, thought I'd post it just the same.  It's summer, and I'll probably return to posting more of a "Little Dash of This & A Little Dab of That."  Take this as you will.  

     There was a time, that the craziest thing I'd heard in a while was the notion that a cap on the penis could serve as birth control.  Just a note, there have been changes, and it's no longer a cap.  Still has the name though.  Go to this link, and click on "Update as of January 2016"for more info.
      Times have changed.  Did you see the debate last night?  I didn't, but I've heard enough. 
     I am getting to the point, that after voting on March 15th, (I live in Illinois) I am going to hibernate like a bear, until November.  Keep in mind, this is in jest, because Chicago in spring and summer is terrific.  

     The Presidential Race of 2016 has proven to be one that will not slip easily from memory.

     First, the GOP granted us a record number of candidates.  There were 18 when we began the process nearly a year ago.  There are several theories I'm sure as to why this was.  Me, I figure it was because the leading candidate on the Dem side was a girl.  It's the only reason that I can fathom considering their state of mind, as to why those with little or no government experience; even a couple with legal trouble; as well as questionable citizenship status; would think: "YEAH, THIS IS THE BEST TIME IN MY POLITICAL CAREER TO RUN FOR THE HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND."
       I've grown a thicker skin, due to names that I've been called.  'Meanest mommy ever" no longer phases me.  

A few fun facts-

      As Ralph Reed pointed out to Bill Maher a ways back, that regardless of what you believe, Jesus still has followers and they vote.  

     Yes they do.  What Mr. Reed failed to elaborate on is that many Christians believe in trying to emulate Jesus, not the Bible, and certainly not the preacher or the priest.  We believe in the Golden Rule and as such to love our neighbor; regardless if they worship our god, any god, or none at all. We believe love is love is love is love.  We believe in taking care of our own garden, and not casting judgement.  If for no other reason, we have better things to do.  

I sleep great at night, and I hope you do as well.

     Despite the fact that we believe as we do, I know that there are other Christians who do not believe as I do.  Again, I have better things to do than to decide who is and who isn't... anything.

     Still, that is fact as well.  There are those who believe 180 degrees from what I do.  And they do vote.  I am not here to explain that or even to understand; I just know that it's important to acknowledge that they cling to their facts as much as the next person. 
     The "God factor" still matters.  For a moment, step back, realize that there are some that have no idea what I'm talking about.  That's cool.  

     Did you know, there is a group of Republicans who are for choice.  As in Republicans who are for keeping abortion safe, legal, available, and private.  Quite simply they are called: Republicans for Choice. Or GOP for Choice.

     Then, it has come to light over the last few days that Elizabeth Warren is now a point of contention as she has not endorsed either Sanders or Clinton.  

     Elizabeth Warren, while doing a lot to earn a name for herself hasn't been on the political scene as long as Sanders or Clinton. For the record, Hillary has not been a Republican since 1968, and Warren was one until 1995, I think. Such a tired dribe. Sanders wasn't a Democrat till last year.

     Who knows why Warren didn't run for president? Perhaps she thought her resume didn't measure up.  Of course, that would never stop a man.  Perhaps she wanted nothing of the maddness. Perhaps she's happy in the Senate where she is very effective and fe
els there is the best place to bring on change and still have a life.
     Why didn't she endorse Clinton or Sanders? Seriously doubt that it's because she's playing politics and is hoping for a VP pick from whichever of the two wins; but maybe she is. She wouldn't be the first politician to play politics heaven to Betsy. That is the name of the game and if you don't believe that I got some great swampland for you in FL.

     More likely, I think she was savvy to stay out. Whoever is going to win is going to win, she may think, and if she did endorse one, she would be pulled in and would be distracted from all that SHE WANTS and finds worthy to fight for.

     Only 24 hours in a day. There are days that I don't have time to read my comments. And I'm not a senator, with a family who clearly has better things to do than worry about some small minded people think.

What does this all boil down to?  Other than it's a funny ol' world, not much.

Have a nice weekend, just the same. 

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