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Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I know that there are those who are fed up with, and gripe about the "Liberal Media".

You will not find that here, so if that's your gripe, I suggest you go elsewhere.

I just would like to know where the liberal media went.

If you've been with me for a while, you know I'm for Hillary.  You know that like many, not only am I excited for so many reasons at the prospect of her winning, I am just as terrified of what will happen if she does not.

And yes, that is because of Donald J. Trump.

Whom I've known about for the last 30 years.  Whom I've heard him insult so many people, that that action, the insulting to ridiculous childish degree, came to be entertainment since his first appearance on Howard Stern, more than 20 years ago.

It's no doubt, what sparked the idea that brought about the reality show, The Apprentice with Donald's 186 episodes, and his catchphrase, "YOU'RE FIRED!".

He brought the idea, of the shock jock, the phenomena of lack of manners and taste as entertainment, to television.  It's served as entertainment for some, since 2004.

Now, I'll grant you, given our long ass campaigning seasons, years, whatevers, when the public has their own problems and lives to deal with, it's hard to bring ratings to ideas that despite affecting voters, many can't take time to wrap their attention around; so shock jock is a lot more attention grabbing.  Especially when you have 17 others just rewording, or attempting to put their own special spin on hate.

Now, despite my advice, if you are still here and a Republican, you no doubt disagree with that assessment.  Again, I don't know why you're still here.  You will not find me on a conservative site, like Hot Air, The Blaze, or  Red State,  spouting off about Trump, or any other Republican, or conservative.  But I suggest you tune into those instead of commenting here, or you will just confirm my thoughts.

Back to the subject at hand.

It is 75 days until the election.

I cannot take another press conference or rally, with Trump.  I'll just tune into old videos of  Leonard Bernstein.  You'll see the waving of the hands, but with something worth listening to.

And would someone please buy Kellyanne Conway another pair of reading glasses or a headband?  I do not see how a mother of four can in good conscience promote Donald Trump as an example we want at the head of our nation.

Every time I turn on the so called "liberal media" I see a Trump surrogate being interviewed.  To which I'll admit, nearly all of them are more credible, have more experience, common sense, and decency than the man they are promoting.  But that does not make Trump credible or even decent.

 If not a Trump surrogate, they have Trump speaking live, somewhere.  It's getting to the point that we'll soon be able to do a drinking game with the statements we're likely to hear:

     "If and when I'm president, we're going to win so much, you're going to get bored with winning."
     " If and when I'm president, I am going to ________________ so fast, it'll make your head spin."
     " (some lie) -crooked Hillary."

If he didn't have thumbs, how on Earth would that man form a sentence?

The times when I did listen, I had serious doubts that Donald comprehends much beyond saying the most shocking insult on whoever opposes him.  It's not like he offered better plans than Bush, Cruz, or Rubio.  They never got that far.  The debates were made up of Donald's insults and one liners, that grabbed him the headlines and the leading stories, till the other candidates ran out of money.  Trouble is, you cannot just smile and hold up your thumb, when you go into most situations that the POTUS faces.

Has there ever been a president who did not release tax info?

What does Trump think about the fact that he will be limited to the $400K salary?

Will the people/businesses that he's in debt with, be willing to wait for their $650 million?

Or am I mistaken on any of those notions?

I admit, I'm not that savvy.  But is Donald J. Trump?

I'm tired.  I admit, Donald Trump depresses the hell out of me.  

As does any headlines, or news shows that seem to be trying to have him seem like he's really okay, not that bad, or just the comic relief for the day.

Meanwhile they spend oodles of time on every accusation that Donald hurls toward the most examined person of the 21st and 20th Centuries.  The emails. Technology that has come about, and is ever changing since it became popular in the mid 90's.  For a smile, Here's about AOL's history.  The health issues.  Not that I consider Sean Hannity liberal, so I wasn't surprised that he was spouting this nonsense, but all of the supposed liberal media on CNN and MSNBC gave it too much credit with air time and having people actually discussing, "if there was anything to worry about".  I do applaud Newsweek's Kurt Eichenwald's for his article, "Sean Hannity: Apologize To Those With Epilepsy, Or Burn in Hell."  What's more, he's also had a few words about Rudy Guiliani.  Now, it's about the Clinton Foundation.  I don't watch Morning Joe, but one of the hosts asked Clinton's campaign manager Robbie Mook, if Hillary thought that she was going to run for president someday, shouldn't she have been more careful as to not have it possibly appear like a conflict of interest?  My thought?  The Clinton Foundation that was founded I think in 1997, has done more good around the globe, than most could wrap their fuzzy brains around.  Even so, that notion of "if Hillary thought she was going to run for president..." I suspect she was just trying to do the good she could do at that moment.  Because let's face it, the haters are gonna hate, no matter what.

How about asking Donald J. Trump that same question?  If he thought that he might someday run for president, (a notion that he's toyed with for decades)- Why cheat on a wife? Why refused to pay several workers? Do business in such a way that he can't release tax info, even though that's what's called for when you run for president?  Why not do a few acts that actually garnered the nation's respect, rather than host a reality television show where you're known for shouting, "YOU'RE FIRED!"?

With his recent softening, why doesn't anyone ask, "WILL THE REAL DONALD TRUMP, PLEASE STAND UP?"

These journalists vote too right?  They have families?  Loved ones that they care about?  Right?
Don't they care about what the rest of the world thinks?

Are they really okay with the idea of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States?

It certainly seems that way.

And that, depresses me even more.

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