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Friday, August 19, 2016

Yep, I'm For Hillary.

You bet I am.

For the record, this was written last year, and posted on Sept. 18th.
The only thing that's changed is she's one major step closer.

Damn, I loved that convention!

If for some reason, you're still on the fence about who you'll be voting for November 8th, why not take a look and read why I've been a fan for more than 20 years.

For reasons, you can start here:

The Truth About Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's Economic Platform

And yes, I loved the interview with Jimmy Fallon:

A little ways back I shared this article by Allen Clifton on my Facebook page, and my comment which was:

"Well stated.  I know the next 20 months will be tumultuous at the very least.  If you're not for Hillary, please don't waste your breath telling me why, thinking that you have a good argument or point.  You very well may.  She's not perfect.  But here's another fact; neither is any other candidate.  And there is not one candidate that's stepped or is rumored to be stepping up for the GOP, that doesn't scare the hell out of me.  From an inability or maybe it's an unwillingness to recognize the importance of separation of church and state; to skulk behind "desire to leave decision to state" whatever the decision be- it's just a slimy way of saying they're against the decision; to denying gender inequality and global science; to trying find a way to hinder the pursuit of happiness for all. We'll never move forward as a nation, let alone as a world, if we still have to keep fighting for rights that should have always been."

     Had a friend, a man, who commented that he concluded that I was voting for Hillary solely because she was a woman.  Here's what ensued...

Do we have the ovaries to elect a woman? 

     A few days after I wrote that, I was talking to a good friend, a woman, about it, who added, "So what if you did vote for her just because she's a woman? THAT IS YOUR RIGHT."

She has a point.

     Click after the arrow, to see a good summation of HRC, written by Laurene Powell Jobs,
  for TIME's 100 Most Influential People ->  Hillary Clinton

     Here's the piece Hillary wrote about Elizabeth Warren for the same list: Elizabeth Warren

Here's another link:
Hillary Clinton Proposes $10 Billion Plan To Fight Addiction.

     Personally, just as I feel more assured when I go to a gyno, obgyn, dermatologist, dentist, etc. who are women; I think it would be a refreshing, to say the least, change to have a woman, the right woman mind you, as our President of The United States of America.

     As far as Bernie goes, here's a comment I made on HP that's a good summation on my thoughts:
     "One of the reasons that I don't "feel the Bern"- is that anytime anyone has asked him about personal life; religion; the fact that he's a Socialist; Independent; he doesn't want to talk about it. "That's not the issues that are hurting America" he claims. It doesn't matter about what he's about personally. WRONG! As a candidate, or for that matter, the POTUS, you don't get to pick and choose what is and isn't the business of the American people.  Hillary has been around and under America's microscope for 20+ years, and she sure hasn't had the luxury of what Sanders expects."  

     In '92 I met a man that voluteered and traveled with the Clintons. He'd even spent Thanksgiving with them in Arkansas along with a few other staff, I think in '91. He had nothing but the best to say about the entire family.

     So, fine and dandy if you are feeling the Bern, but I know there's a lot of good going on with Hillary as well.

     I loved Howard Dean's recent article in the Washington Post. If you haven't seen it, here's a link: 
Howard Dean: The Case For Hillary Clinton.

     While Biden, Warren, and O'Malley, all have good points about them; none of them come close to Hillary.  As far as Lessig goes; think I made that clear.<-LINK

     A few days ago, Bill Maher graced Hardball  with Chris Matthews, and had so many spot on points that obviously I agree with.  If you click on the above link you can watch the entire piece.  This is the only place that I found the entire interview with Bill Maher.  In a nutshell to cover points I agree with Mr. Maher on, are as follows: 

Donald Trump

Joe Biden,<-LINK and where the hell did this come from?

And despite Chris Matthews attempts to rationalize MSNBC's and the rest of media's coverage of Hillary's emails, dear Bill expressed that it's a tad like a good old-fashioned witch hunt.  More on that thought in a moment.

Lastly, here's a great post by Senator Kirsten Gillibrand  

     Finally, on that thought about witches; now, when someone starts bashing Hillary I just politely state:

Don't try to convince me she's the Wicked Witch of the West; when the rest of the candidates are a bunch of flying monkeys.

Have a nice weekend my little pretties.

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