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Friday, August 12, 2016


Really didn't want to post another photo of him, but oh well...

It's been a few weeks since my last post.  There'll be another up today or tomorrow but for now, just wanted to put this out there.

Now, these are my thoughts; may not be unique, but no need to get in a huff if you don't agree, just hear me out.

Today in Florida there's some meeting of the RNC.  Some say it's routine, some say it's to plead with the RNC to stop funding the hot mess that is Donald Trump and focus on Senate seats to ensure not a total blue wave come November. 

Here are my thoughts. 

The Republican party has never been known as the party for the, let's just call them, the Less Than Wealthy people.  Even when I was younger, back in the Ice Age, the GOP was for, smaller government, personal responsibility, a souped up military, and fiscal responsibility.  I could often understand the logic. 

The Democratic party was the party of the programs that aimed to help those in need.  And basically a government eye overseeing all, in every nook, and was more for diplomacy than outright military combat.  I understood the party as they took care of people who were down on their luck.

One was the party of practicality and for self, the other for caring of all.

Bill Maher once joked, that God was a Republican, and Jesus was a Democrat. 

Through time, both parties have changed.  The Republican party gave tax breaks to corporations and the wealthy with the thought that the wealthy would dispense wealth everywhere, and rain money on down the status ladder.  

Problem with that is that people like money.  While some gets spent in such a way that it helps the LTW, more of it gets invested to create more money for the people who have it. And what it gets invested in is not necessarily good for people per se, but it sure helps grow money. 

Over time, this behavior has in fact created more LTW people.  Furthermore, that "less than" quantifier has increased in range. 

Add to that, many immigrants of the past 150+ years have mingled, creating a more diverse, more tolerant on all matters, population.  The great American Melting Pot.  There are some, who are the old money folk, who have stuck with their own, to create the wealthy, mainly white 1%.

But after time, the LTW population will become the LTW majority.  Fornicating is cheap entertainment, and has the side benefit of growing more LTW.

So in a nutshell the GOP has no interest in taking care of the LTW, but through their antics over the many years has created more LTW people.   The GOP has created its own worst enemy.

Now the LTW majority is diverse.   Some are more tolerant than others.  Overall though, I do believe that compassion is growing and that, in itself is a bad thing for the Republican party.

So you have a very diverse in look, compassionate caring population.  The majority of this group are Democrats.

Then comes the primary.  Whatever the reason, the Republican party made history with their record number of 18 candidates running for the nomination.  If you've been with me for a while, you know my suspicion as to why so many (the Dem side has a girl as the front runner, who's been bashed by the GOP for the last 20+ yrs. When else would present such a great time to take a stab at the presidential race?) Disagree with that notion?  Keep in mind in 2008 John McCain's campaign brought on Sarah Palin thinking that would appease and draw in disgruntled Hillary voters.  As if.

So, with the clown car of 2015, came the neon bombastic ringleader of all time, Donald Trump.

Within the LTW group there is a faction that is white, bitter, mad as hell and don't want to take it anymore.  They see movements that have benefitted everyone but them.  Attention to women, people of color, immigrants, LGBT, and secular, do not benefit them, leaving them feeling left out, forgotten, and invisible.

I think that this is the group that Donald Trump has excited, incited, and out of 18, delivered him to  the Republican nomination.  There are those, who still believe in the GOP of olden days, who think, what's the worst that can happen? Perhaps the country needs a shake up.  As Heather McGhee so eloquently articulated, "When you've been so used to privilege, equality feels like oppression.

Just as with other oppressed groups, they are not the whole.  But they are vocal.

The media hopped on Donald because he was entertaining and brought ratings.  Anyone who was dreading the upcoming presidential slot in what has become to many, the ongoing ubiquitous American campaign season, had a new Vegas style razzle dazzle, appeal to it.  Comedic in its bizarreness to most, inspiring in the manner of a Red Bull to a few.

Consider the other GOP candidates.  Think about each.  Compared to Trump, Trump was the better known, reality show host, and far more entertaining.  He knows how to make headlines, and kept on smiling with his pearly caps, shrugging about this and that, as if he was above it all.  It proved enough to take the wind out of most all other sails.

The early days of the 2015 Republican primary, reminded me of the old nursery rhyme, "There was an old lady who lived in a shoe, she had so many kids, she didn't know what to do."

Just change it to: "There was an old party who lived in a bubble, with so many candidates, they didn't know what to do."

How to handle debates?  They couldn't fathom how to fit 18 onto one stage.  So the usual suspects got the prime time slot, along with the neon reality show blowhard, for the fact that he'd bring the gawk seekers.  Before 2015, I honestly can't remember eating popcorn while watching a debate.

So now, 88 days before the election, there's still talk to "Dump Trump."

While I do believe the press contributed yet another dimension to the Donald, if the GOP had been moving with the times, it wouldn't have been an issue.  Someone would have told him point blank, GET OUT!

In 2012 I said that if the GOP didn't start making some valid changes to move with the times soon, it wouldn't be long before they'd need to learn how to perform a seance if they wanted voters.

This is not to say that I think Democrats have it in the bag.  Not by a long shot.

What is still train wreck entertaining to some, is still getting the majority of the attention.

Donald loves the attention.

As he always has.

I have a  People FAVORITE PICTURES from 2000, with a photo of Donald Trump admiring himself in a floor-to-ceiling mirror.  The photo was taken by Harry Benson in 1990.  I could not find the photo online.  The blurb that accompanies the photo: (Author unknown Editor- Eric Levin)

"The Me-llionaire Like the mythological Narcissus, Donald Trump seemed simply besotted, preening in front of a floor-to-ceiling mirror.  Trump palpably yearned for attention, plastering his name on gilded towers, casinos, and airline (that failed) and four vanity tomes.  Even his ugly divorce from Ivana- 'Don't get mad, get everything' was her famous war cry- proved an opportunity to elevate his skyscraper ego; he was reportedly gleeful as the sordid details of his affair with model Marla Maples (whom he later wed and dumped) played out for months in New York City's tabloids.  As a topper in 2000, Trump publicly flirted with running for President, no doubt blinded by visions of global summits and blaring fanfares of Hail to the Donald."

That pretty much encapsulates my impression of The Donald. 

Anyone that requires that much attention and fanfare, is not likely concerned about many others.  Much less a country. 


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