Wednesday, October 12, 2016

For Today, Just a Thought to Think About

     Well, it's a Monday.   Well, now it's Tuesday. Wednesday.  It's also Columbus Day again.  I keep forgetting.  I stood at the front door of the post office this morning with a man for nearly 10 minutes, awaiting the unlocking of the door, remarking how postal workers were on their own time.  Then the man, noticed the sign on the door that listed the holidays the post office is closed.
     "Today Columbus Day?" he asked.
      Had to laugh.  I thanked him for his awareness, because I was without coffee at that point. 

So, on Sunday, there was the Debate.  Aside from the "hoopla"-

Social issues were largely left out.  Again. 

Here's the thing. 

Social issues, are rarely brought up at debates.

Maybe because it't thought, they don't affect 100% of Americans, as does the economy; or foreign relations.  Still considering reasons why, because I find social issues to be essential.  But then I'm a woman. 

BECAUSE, CONSIDER: for those people that "social issues" affect; those issues affect 100% of THEIR LIVES. 

Defunding Planned Parenthood, overturning Roe v Wade.  I, (as Secretary Clinton has expressed) find it interesting how Republicans are the for smaller government until it comes to the female half of the population's bodies. 

Consider; if Jefferson really meant that "All men are created equal", really was to be "understood" wink wink, to include women; why did it take 150 more years before women were allowed to vote?

Social issues, such as marriage equality, affect the LGTB community.  As well as their family and friends, or anyone else with a beating heart, who are straight.

Implementing better education, recruitment, and training, for police, affects all of us. 

Implementing better education, recruitment, and training for our legal system affects all of us. 

The repeated queries as to foreign policies, trade, as well as military, seems to be a lesson in merely hypotheticals.  Considering the idiom "best laid plans" and that in order for those best laid plans depends on other humans' actions who are not at the debate.  A hell of a lot more time is required than 90 minutes, to build even an aspect of an assessment as to what the world's other leaders are up to at any given time. 

In other words, in my humble opinion, debates are largely a 90 minute dance to impart an intangible impression onto the country. 
Nothing more.  

As the Bard would say:  Much ado about nothing. 

I close with a link to a post that I read this morning on NPR:

"How The Browning Of America Is Upending Both Political Parties"

I will probably write more about this later. 

For now, I'll just say, we should not confuse majority with the norm.  

Kinda funny that this article came out around Columbus Day. 

So, back in Columbus's Day and the immigration of Europeans; do you think it was referred to as The Bleaching of America?

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