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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Scary On His Own

        Okay, so this morning, I set out to write a quick post about last night's debate.  As I expected, "since Mike Pence acted like an adult," thank you Chris Matthews, many say that "he won".
     Won what?  The debate?  From my view, both men revealed stark views, that would make their respective platforms' police happy.  Senator Kaine far surpassed Pence in support of his dance partner, Secretary Clinton, than Pence could muster up for Trump.  Think it was pretty clear to many what Pence's goal was: to become the GOP's poster boy for the near future presidential races.  So, if that was the goal, Pence did score some points.
      Kaine barreled down on Trump's past transgressions, hoping to get Governor Pence to either denounce Trump's crazy ways, creating disharmony for GOP ticket unity; or to corner Governor Pence into confessing that he agreed with what The Donald has sayeth; thus proving that he too is scary.  Pence wouldn't take that bait, and kept volleying back the Clinton Kaine campaign, being the true "insult driven campaign".   
      I gotta hand it to Pence, he looked genuinely hurt, by the "basket of deplorables", comment.  Senator Kaine pointed out that Hillary had apologized the day after, for make that sweeping of a judgement; but one would "search in vain" to find remorse or an apology of any kind from Trump.
     Furthermore, other than the "basket of deplorables" comment; all of Hillary's comments have been aimed at Trump, and NOTE; ALL THESE INSULTS ARE BASED ON, THE ACTIONS OF INDIVIDUALS.  In other words, deplorable is, as deplorable does.
     The insults that Donald Trump dishes out nearly daily; are based on an  individual's looks, weight, nationality, religion, and physical handicaps.  If he can't see a characteristic he can bash, HE'LL MAKE ONE UP. 
     Governor Pence; does he really not understand the difference?
     Which brings me to the title subject-Mike Pence has been at this game of being scary, for awhile.
From Internet-Unsure of artist.
 Not a photo that I want to look at often thus, the placement on this post-even though it is October. 
     So, when I started this post, I knew what I wanted for the title, so I set out for a photo.  Thus, the one you see.  I can't take credit for it. 

      When I brought up the image, and was given the option to visit page, I was taken to:

Southpaw Beagle (I'm a leftie, so I read on) "12 Days of Hatemas." As you scroll down the page, you can read Southpaw Beagle's view of Governor Pence.  Goes back a few years.  
     Another title caught my eye,  "Bloodhound Mike Goes National."  Since I was savvy about the campaign of #Periods for Pence last spring, (I sent a tweet with my personal info to Governor Pence) had a feeling of what the post was about.  Then, trying to find who to credit for the photo, I came across:
     Now, here's the thing, I didn't learn anything new about Governor Pence.  The reason he's scary to me is mainly based on his purported notion that his desire to reduce Roe Vs. Wade to the ash heap, and to create a legal path to conversion therapy all comes from his Christian faith.  As I wrote in, Religious Freedom Does Not Entitle You to Hurt Others, being a Christian does not give me, or anyone else license to be a jackass.  I've just never understood, why it's so hard for some to understand that.

     I know Senator Kaine is religious, and has expressed that he morally opposes abortions. Still he respects women to the point of making their own decisions.

      Here's the point that seems to slip past Pence: each woman is a person, just as he is.  Each has religious views, or not.  Each has grown up in families that influenced one way another who the people that they came to be.  Each have lives, where they work, love, maybe have other kids, have bills to pay.  They have 24 hours a day, that they try to do the best they can.  The man or woman that you just passed, does not think as you do, yet they still are.  You don't have to be a fan of abortion to support people being able to make their own decisions.  Because as I've said before, until all Amercians have full autonomy over their bodies, there will be no gender equality or economic equality; or any other kind.  Until there is all, there is none.
     To me, anyone who doesn't get that, well, I just don't see how they can count themselves as one of faith.
     It's always funny to me when anyone concerns themselves with the business of those who under normal day to day, they'd have nothing to do with, and have no idea as to what that person's day entails.  If they want to end the desire or need for abortion, perhaps they may want to look into domestic violence.  Raising boys as well as girls how to protect themselves from predators, and to be compassionate and respectful to others.  We still have FGM, stonings, honor killings; how about some efforts to understand how violence begets violence?

      So, my point, Pence is scary on his own.  What's more, if Trump is elected, we might as well go ahead and inaugurate both of them, because it will be Pence as the acting president.

      Lord knows, Trump would be dandy if he was the President in Name Only.

      As long as he can have T R U M P spelled in gold across the Front Lawn; he'll be happy.

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