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Tuesday, October 4, 2016


     For starters, let me ask in advance, that after reading this, if you agree, PLEASE PASS THIS ON.  Because I seriously doubt that I'm the only woman that feels like this. 
      Actually, I'm so miffed, I doubt if I'll be able to articulate my exact thoughts right now, as to not wanting to go and say something I'll regret.
     So, suffice it to say that I hope against hope, that 4 things are brought up tonight that have had relatively little coverage in the debates. 

  1. Kaine's and Pence's plans to deal with climate change.
  2. Kaine and Pence's plans for the future of Planned Parenthood, and Roe Vs. Wade.
  3.  Kaine and Pence's plans for the LGTB community.
  4.  Given with immigration and other factors it is predicted that within 20 years, our population will be even more integrated, how do you see your role in dealing with race relations?
     Below is what I wrote before I conceded that I was not going to be able to express all without concern for consequence.  Read it if you like. 
However, I would just like to give a shout out to Ms. Samantha Bee, who was on CBS This Morning, today.  THANK YOU.  I like many feel; SHE GETS MY PAIN. 

     Written earlier, less articulately...
     All day, I've had on different shows, talking about tonights VP Debate, between Senator Tim Kaine, and Governor Mike Pence. 
     Given of who our presidential candidates are, these two men are viewed as for lack of a better term, the crowd calming pleasers.  So, most of what I've heard has consisted of this thought: since Mike Pence is not likely to say anything overtly offensive, like Donald, he'll probably win the debate. 

     What a nice low bar. 

   Another tidbit that's creasing me today is the gender thing. Saw a woman on either MSNBC or CNN, commenting that considering Hillary Clinton steered clear of the gender thing in 2008, this year, she's using it every chance she gets.  I am not quoting because I don't remember who, or what exactly was said, just the impression I was left with.  So, this woman was the only woman on a panel of 4 or 5 others, all men. 
      Earlier than that, on MSNBC, Stephanie Ruhle was on campus at Longwood University, and had on, Michigan's former governor, Governor Jennifer Granholm .   Ms. Ruhle was asking Gov. Granholm about Secretary Clinton's relatability to the younger voters.  Ms. Ruhle had been with a sorority and had asked the young women about it.  They had expressed that they were very excited at the idea of having a woman as president, but had yet to warm up to Hillary.  Ms. Ruhle even turned around and asked the crowd of students, if they felt they related to Hillary- only to be answered with a loud "NO" from the crowd.  My middle finger automatically shot up at my TV.  Not sure whether it was Governor Granholm's presence or signs among the crowd as to why she didn't inquire about the crowd's relatability to Donald Trump.  Governor Granholm graciously confessed that she had no idea as to why there was an issue.
     I've gotten to the point that in addition to Donald sounding pretty much like the voice when a record is warped, (or I don't know, when you play it backward and a demon speaks or whatever- been a while since I've listened to vinyl) SO MANY OF TRUMP'S SURROGATES HAVE TRIED MY LAST NERVE.   
     I mean you have Boris, who seems to be the man's man's fav; Steve Cortes, who just smirks most the time; (considering he praised Trump for being like a "Weeble and LeBron James"; and now, Mr. James has endorsed Hillary ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ); Katrina Pierson who could never answer a direct question worth a damn, Kayleigh McEnany the Waspy Wisp; the filibustering former senator, I think from Tennessee, can't remember his name but he makes sure he gets every negative point about Hillary said, and hell to whatever question the reporter asked; and then the baby talking spin doctor Kellyanne Conway.  Can't help but wonder if she has a different voice for different audiences.  Then now, the Angry Preacher's daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders has joined the pack and is turning up everywhere now.  No relation to Bernie.  Of course there are others, but damn.

SIGH... see the bold letters above

Enjoy the debate. 

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