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Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Only Thing Donald Is Sorry About, Is He Got Caught.

Got my girls to thank for this one.
     Nearly daily, as siblings will, they get into an argument or two. Or three, or four.  Sometimes I let it go, and let them go at it till day's end if necessary.  But then, more often than not, I intercede, and either demand that one apologizes; or I have a meltdown out of exhaustion and frustration.  This is when the older one, will say she's sorry.  Unless, I need to apologize as well, (it happens- I say something extreme, like banning them from technology till they're 18), I will declare,
     "If you were truly sorry, we wouldn't be having this conversation again. You're just sorry you got caught."
     And that dear reader is my thought on Mr. Trump and his current fiasco. 
      As for the remaining Trump supporters, just wonder, what will be their Eureka! moment.  (Eureka has to do with gold; gold-Trump;get it?) 

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