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Monday, December 19, 2016

Hunting With The Trumps Anyone?

     This morning, pre-coffee, I saw this tweet:

     In my defense, I had not had any coffee yet.  
Perhaps others had not either at that point.  Looking down through the comments, I wasn't the only one to confer that for $1Millon, guests would go on a hunting extravaganza, with our National Bird as the target, and Trump's sons as the hosts extraordinaire. 

    Again, for me, SANS COFFEE. Our Mr. Coffee had called it quits.  And there was a good bit of time before my husband ventured out, returned with a new one; did the pre-use wash/run; and finally brewed a fresh, wonderful, staple of sanity, pot of coffee.  Ah...
     Back to the tweet.  So, pre-coffee, after noting the Bald Eagle had at one time been endangered; I noticed the target for $500,000 was the grizzly.  I considered that the tweet could be a satire, or fact.  It's The Donald, we're talking about; I figured it was a 50/50 chance of either.
    I could not help myself.  I tweeted I was rooting for the grizzly, and I hoped he'd eat them whole. (That's a very loose reference to Lake Placid)

    I'm no monument to justice.  (And that is a Moonstruck reference.)

     Much later in the day, I found the article, that the tweet centered around, and realized my misunderstanding. 

In case you're interested, here's the link:

Hunt With The Trumps

Okay, makes more sense now.  

Still, I have some questions.  

-The money raised goes to "conservation charities."   WHICH ONES?  After the snafu with auctioning a coffee date with their sister, I'd think they'd want to handle this a little differently. 

-Admittedly, I will not be contributing, but if I was, I'd want to know ahead of time whose guitar it was.  We have 4 guitars, so, I'm good. 

-Again, I don't have the money to contribute.  Even if I wanted to, that time of year, I'm simply swamped.  (Yes, that's a The Princess Bride reference).  But much of the prize terms seem a little vague.
What constitutes the difference between a VIP admission and a General Admission?  What goes on at the VIP Lounge?  

-The hunting and/or fishing excursions go on for "multi days".  How many days does that entail?  What are the accommodations?  Since it's described as "hunting and/or fishing; who decides if it's hunting, or if it's a fishing excursion?  What state are these excursions?  During what season?  What pray tell, will be hunted or fished?  Since most hunting seasons conclude in winter, I'm curious as to how all will be decided.  What will be hunted?  Big game, small game?  Flying game?  By what means, bow, rifle?  Are all guests expected to bring their own equipment?  Licenses up to date?  Will they be roughing around a campfire, or retiring to a 5 star hotel?  Since the attire for the Opening Day event is "camouflage and cufflinks", they must have all the answers somewhere.  

-How, when do you find out who your guide/host will be?  Junior or Eric?  What if the contributors of $1,000,000 don't get along well?  Come on; it's more than possible.  

-Do the Bald Eagle contributors and the Grizzly contributors go on the same excursion?  If they get more than a couple of wealthy contributing hunters and anglers, Donald Jr. and Eric could have a very tight schedule in 2017.  As if they don't already.

I'm just more than a little curious as to the details.  

And I'd suggest they disclose as much information sooner than later.  

We wouldn't want another coffee date canceled. 

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