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Monday, January 2, 2017

Hibernation Hiatus

The above photo is one of many I've taken of a bear at a local zoo.  Obviously, I love it for many reasons.  One, I love bears.  As I do, whales, penguins, owls, and moose.  That's for another post, another day.

For now, I just want to wish everyone a Happy 2017.   Hope it's off to a swinging start.

Right now, there are two reasons why I haven't posted anything new for a couple of weeks.  One is 12, one is 9.  As in the ages of the computer monopolizers.   

But in all fairness, the hiatus will continue even after they return to their establishments of education.

Part is hard to articulate.   I hope to be able to articulate about that part, some time down the road.

As for the other part, I am working on two other projects, and I hope to find a way back to the paying job world. 

So, in the mean time, keep cool, calm and carry on. 

Wishing all well in 2017.

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