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Monday, February 20, 2017

The Bright Side of Trump

     I struggled with the title for this post. 

For those of you that visit often, I'm sure that's not a shock, and you understand.  

It started out as, "How To Look At the Trump Administration in a Positive Light."

But that seemed too long. 

So, if some misconstrue my title to mean, something -other than what I intended, I apologize.  

But bear in mind, I'm just trying to keep my sunny disposition.

Since writing this post for Presidents' Day, I decided to change the photo.  For many reasons.  None of which I wish to articulate.  I'll leave that to the reader's imagination. 

I'd also like to note that, I've seen many displays of uncommon kindness and compassion, in response to actions of late.  So, I encourage everyone to look around, and see, there is still beauty, compassion, and kindness to behold.  Have a nice day. 

So, here are some, glass half full ways, at looking at the 45th President's administration:

1. Everyday we wake up and are grateful.  To still be here.  

Gratitude is a good thing! 
2. Trump's changed (i.e. lowered) the bar on who we can imagine as president.  

      Don't get me wrong, this may be a good thing.  And I doubt that Trump being president, will convince anyone to pursue the highest office in the land, that hasn't imagined it before. 
     However, I do remember a politically active actor being questioned, as to the notion of ever running for office.  He replied that his dating/social life would probably not be the ideal welcomed by the voting public.  Perhaps now, he, and others, will reconsider the possibility. 
     As we know, past presidents have had their vices.  While that may have affected how history looked at some presidents, clearly, the American voter, has gotten past that petty factor.  So, for future presidents, whether they've done recreational drugs, had extracurricular love lives, or even partaken in other questionable ethical outings; no longer will they need bother their little minds with fret.  Hedonistic lifestyles should no longer hinder a quest for the White House.  Just to be safe though, when it comes to religion, best keeping to citing the Bible as your guiding source.  Relax, no reading comprehension exam is given.  It's all in the aesthetics.  
     Gone too, are the days of expectations for the president to have a high IQ and an articulate manner.  Auf wiedereshen to expectations of compassion, for that matter.  Evidently, these qualities are no longer required.   Apparently, past rules, regulations, and the such, required of presidents of the 20th Century, or all prior 44 Commanders in Chief, are also up for debate; such as tax returns, and severing personal properties while in office. 
    Yet never fear, the penis, remains a defining trait that truly has staying power.

3. Best civic lesson in years.  

Quick!!-  Name one cabinet member of President Obama's.  Not only can more people name the thus far chosen cabinet picks, they can name in some cases, their replacements, or those being considered; and members of Congress.  More people are even learning, in depth, what each position entails.  Learning the details of how our government works. 

Hooray for learning!!!

Hooray for knowledge!

Unfortunately there seems to be, some impenetrable, something, akin to Stephen King's The Dome, that restrains that very knowledge from permeating the skulls of some individuals.

4. We are AWARE.

Thanks to the fact that not only did Hillary Clinton get 3 million more votes than Donald, an additional 7 million people voted for someone other than Donald.  That means, in total, there are more than 70 million people who did not want Donald J. Trump as their president.  Now, yes, in this country, we have the Electoral College that despite the majority of the people's hope, can deliver someone else.  Kinda like ordering prime rib, and getting a Hardee's hamburger instead.  But, that's the system we have.  For now.  

But, 10 Million more people, ergo, 70 Million people, can make a statement. 






Till it sinks in.

The majority, the more than 70 million Americans, will not go away.  And this is our country too. 

5. One more bright note...

     While watching a replay of SNL's first apr├Ęs election episode; Colin Jost reminded us, that the Donald is 70 years old, thus the oldest man ever elected to the office- and that he has no former political experience.  Colin was good enough to point out that without prior experience, normally a 70 year old, would not even be able to get a job at Walmart. 

     So, let that serve as inspiration for septuagenarians everywhere!

That is, as long as you're a paterfamilias with a pale dermis and a swell bank account*.  

But then, why the hell would you want to work at Walmart if that was the case?

Nevertheless, Happy Presidents' Day.

*I tried to find the Latin phrase for "rich old white man".  Click HERE, to see what came up.

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