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Monday, February 27, 2017

Oscars 2017!

     I love watching the Oscars.  Just a fun night of glam when other things in the world can sometimes be a little nutty.  Don't think I'm overeating the obvious, that that more than applies, this year.  Jimmy Kimmel was the host, and I found it to be fun and entertaining as ever.  

     In 2017 it's weird.  I'd like to say that men and women are represented as they occur, in this thing we call life, together.  But as I griped about last year's contenders for Best Picture, so too was the case this year.  But it is, what it is.  That said, I was hoping for LaLa Land.  Not every movie needs to be relatable to me.  And I'm also, a happy movie kinda gal, as I've mentioned before.  Especially this year.  So, that ruled out, all of the Best Picture contenders, save, LaLaLand and Hidden Figures.  So, those are the only movies, I've seen.  Both exceeded my hopes.  I will at some point watch Lion, because I know the true life story behind it. 

     Nevertheless, I congratulate all the contenders, and the winners. Hope everyone enjoyed the show. 

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