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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Women's History Month, 2017.

I've been doing posts to celebrate National Women's History Month since 2014.

If you'd like to read those, click on the years:  2014, 2015, 2016.
    Here's a link to the Women's History Month.gov site.

     Have to admit, I thought 2017's National Women's History Month, would be, well, let's just say,

     Not gonna go into the Trump fiasco.  Because thus far, his hopes for yanking women's rights back 50 years, hasn't come into play.  YET.
      Think things, and the people who have connections with Russia, Russians, Russian plans, Russian hacking, needs to be figured out.  Who's connected; how much they're connected; what they're connected about; did they lie to anyone? Etc. Etc.

      That in itself should take a bit.  Then, is Trump really ok?  Seriously.  Anyone that covers the range of subject matter in 5 minutes, from televisions shows, to former administrations, to national security, to griping about someone not being fair, to bragging about how great his business is (and WHEN are the Royal WE going to FORCE/REQUIRE POTUS to cut business from pre president days?) anyone that has that short of attention span, is that spastic; well, why not just get a check up?  It's been at least a year.  Of course if any of the growing concerns over the multitude of Russia concerns turn up anything, then some people and positions could become moot points I guess.  So...

      So, steering clear.  For now.

      For this month, I'll be reposting some from the archives.  Anything pertinent.

By the way, did you see SNL's Weekend Update last night?  Did you catch Michael Che's comment on Women's History Month?

    Michael Che: "March is Women's History Month, while April is a lot of backed up dishes."

Hahahah.  Yeah. 

My thought on Michael Che's comment;  yeah it was funny.  Sort of.  My husband got more of a kick than I did. But the reason it was funny to many was that it holds on to expectations, that still exist today.

I've said it before, how many men, in heterosexual, relationships, have ever apologized for their home not being clean, upon the arrival of guests?

Or, where is it written for that matter that women give a damn that their house is a mess, dirty, or that it is what a woman zooms in on when visiting a friend?

     Many would say that I'm putting too much thought into.  Maybe.  Then again...

I've had so many instances that I've presented my opinion or even facts that state one thing or another about gender inequality, breastfeeding, abortion, in which I receive a less than calm rational statement from a man.

When this happens, at times I'll take the high road, (sarcasm) and ask with proclaimed curiosity, what his wife or girlfriend thinks on the matter.

Sometimes, the guy gets it, and that's the end of it.  Other times, I've received, "I'm not married; I'm divorced, I'm single...etc."

To which I reply: "There's shocker."

I remember a friend's grandmother telling a joke when I was a teen.

Scene is a man and woman on their wedding night.  The groom hands his trousers over to his new bride an says, 'Try these on.'

The bride answers, "Well I can't wear these." 

The groom then smiles, and states, "That's right, I WEAR THE PANTS IN THE FAMILY."  

The woman thinks for a moment, then removes her panties, and offers them to her husband to try on...  

He replies, "Honey, you know I can't get into these..."

To which she states: "That's right and you never will until you change your attitude." 

Just getting started... here's to learning...

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