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Monday, March 6, 2017



      This is from a post that I published on Monday, 3/6/20117.  
     Considering we are less than 70 days from the next election, are in the midst of a crazy ass time; after sharing the ACT TV bit about how many of Trump's sheep used to express different perceptions; I'm reposting this as a way of reflecting back to the beginning of, 45 days into Trump's time in the White House. 

     So read on... and for the record, my opinion of Trump has not changed. 
      Yep.  Monday.  Stompin' mad.  Don't know if I'm going to be able to articulate it, but I'm damn sure gonna try.

     To start with, will someone tell me how much airtime, attention, and money, are we going to waste on the notion that our last president wire tapped the current president?  How about we continue on the road that we were, investigating ties with Russia; the who, what, and when Russia did; then the who, what, when, of American politicians that had contacts with the Russians, and what that was about; the weather or the best way/time/person, to hack; if the investigation agencies do THAT job, if there was any instance of the old president tapping the new president, then I betcha that would be among the collection of goodies those investigations would reveal.  WHATEVAH.  

      The rest that has me hopping this morning is my continued omnipresent befuddlement at the lack of acknowledgement of women.  By men, by women even, by conservatives, by even some liberals.  That in itself to me, is so maddening at times, I could spit. 

      Watch Bill Maher?  I do.  And I like him.  But yes, even though he's a liberal, and on the same side of arguments that I often am, he often is sexist.  And the thing about liberal men, and some women, they often think they can't be guilty, because they're liberal.  

      SNL did an awesome sketch pointing out this phenomenon.


Now, I'd like to include the Bill Maher sketch that got me thinking...

     Now, as I pointed out as one of the Bright Sides of Trump, he has, indeed, 
changed the idea, of who we can, now imagine as president.  I agree, with Maher, in that I don't give a hoot n' and a holler about a president, senator, or candidate's sex life.  No matter how kinky.  AS LONG AS IT'S CONSENSUAL.  
*SIDENOTE: Every once in a while I check with Google, or some source to be sure I have the  correct spelling, and/or use of word.  So look what popped up as the top definition/explanation, when I typed in "consensual":

  1. relating to or involving consent or consensus.

    "he admitted to having consensual sex with two women"

Isn't that special.

Back to the thought at hand, no pun intended; HONEST

     While I do agree with Bill in that there is a double standard about "the liberal Democrat horn dogs having to disappear, while the Republican hound is allowed on the furniture"; 
                                     -here's a notion: how about they just behave?  
Sorry Mr. Maher, but that alpha male horseshit sounds about like the old, boys will be boys idiom.   I'm not buying it.  Are there no women politicians that have naughty, "alternative" sex lives?  
     Perhaps, they're just savvy enough to keep their whips out of sight.  But Bill didn't even entertain that notion.  Just excluded all women, and dissed on poor Mr. Nice Boy, Tim Kaine.  

     How about the fact that there is still some account for taste, class, and manners?  Not to mention judgement and emotional maturity.  Just because a man behaves badly, and owns it, does not earn him a pat on the back.  
     We live in a different time now, and people, including horn dogs, no matter their gender or political affiliation, need to acknowledge it.  I would like to think, that it wasn't that, alone, that landed Trump in the Oval Office.  (Though now, in 2020, I would not be surprised if it was.)

     Okay, for a moment let's ride that wave... I know human nature, isn't always, politically correct, and the heart wants what the heart wants...

     Confidence is sexy.  No question.  Even cockiness.  Alpha only refer to sexual prowess?  Or does it refer to qualities such as intelligence, savviness, and being confident to the point of cockiness, that you're the best for the position?  Whatever that position is...pun intended. 

     Here's a thought; what about electing an alpha female?  Oh, that's right; WE DID.  More than three million more people voted for the alpha female, (who, to my knowledge- although her husband was a cad- and a damn fine president; I have no knowledge as to Hillary's sexual appetite, nor do I care)  than voted for the alpha male, currently inhabiting, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue; Monday thru Friday around 3pm EST; then you'll find that alpha male in Florida; yet again.  

     I think it's an interesting, albeit disheartening thought of how such an unapologetic sleaze bag got put in the highest office in the land, over a seasoned, experienced, accomplished politician humanitarian.  Considering the fact that more people voted for another candidate than the one elected, should have caused us to rethink the Electoral College after the 2000 election.  After what the EC turned a blind eye to this time... can we please have at least a chat about getting rid of it? 

     ~How a thrice married, proud adulterer got through the primary of the political party of Family Values, surprises me still.  And why, none of the 17 other candidates ever questioned Trump getting the nomination. 

     A  woman once wrote to me, that had Hillary left Bill, she would have voted for her.  Oh; but a thrice married, proud adultering, sexual predator, is apparently A-OK.

     I've seen the notion that Hillary received support from Saudi Arabia, as a factor, reason for why some did not vote for her.  Yet Trump has businesses there. 

     I've heard and seen that the problem wasn't that she was a woman; it was the fact that she had so much baggage.  
     Yeah, well, 69 years of life, much less life spent as a public servant, will do that to a person.  

      Oh, where to begin, on the baggage of the President Trump?  Who lived solely to suit himself, and whomever shared his favor, at that time and place.  

     No presidential candidates are saints.  Nor have been any of the 44 presidents that preceded Trump.  Still to me, there is a considerable higher aptitude for learning from one's mistakes, when one at the very least, acknowledges they make mistakes. 

     I challenge anyone to explain to me, how/why Hillary was held to a higher standard?  Than any other candidate.  You didn't like her?  Okay.  Be sure to let me know what you find so adorable about the guy currently sitting in The Oval Office.

     Now, whether or not that's sexist?  It is. No, I'm not saying Hillary wasn't elected because she was a woman, but I am saying that some people did not vote for her, due to obviously expecting a higher ethical standard from her,  than Mr. Trump.  


    Alpha male... alpha means "the beginning": so, alpha seems it should pertain to the female as much, if maybe not more so, given what the smart ones, (the ones who've dug, read, studied, researched, more than most of us ever wanted to) now know.  (I'm not looking for a science/religion argument.  To me they're not mutually exclusive, and can fully coexist and enable one another.)  

     For the record, I voted for the candidate that I knew had the most experience, and the heart and intelligence to make the best decisions.  Hillary as president is at this moment a moot point; but the fact that she has experience, know how, understanding of what the office of the presidency entails, all points to her "alphaness".  If you don't like her, or even hate her, I don't give a damn, but I know that she never would have called a security guard to ask about finance.  She also knows how to turn on lights.  

    It's to the country's detriment that the majority got ran over by those who got turned on by a sleazy, oblivious shell of a braggart; who in all likelihood has committed crimes against women and brags about getting away with it.  The ones who got turned on by such, are women as well as men; and all of them must have been raised by wolves.  Because they should know better.

     That being said, it's important to remember the majority of people did and do know better.
     (And yes, you'll see it here often.) 

     The election is over, and even though Donald Trump got fewer people to vote for him, because we live in a country that still plays by the rules that were put in place 200 years ago, before the Civil War, before more than half of our population were even allowed to vote based on their genitalia and the color of skin; he's our president.  Even though, despite the fact that every candidate in my life time, (i.e.  relevant) has disclosed taxes; severed business ties; and seen the presidency as a 24 hour/7days a week/12 months a year, for 1460 days, as the minimum time to serve the American People; President Trump somehow gets a pass, because his first 45 days have been such a cluster fuck of a mess that there's not enough time in a 24 hour day to pay attention to those little details!

     But let's remember, those details.  That even when the dust settles about the Russia hoolabaloo, to the majority of the people who voted; HE SHOULDN'T EVEN BE THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

     Now, allow me as I jump from my sexism soapbox to my soapbox about double standards, within the constraints of the political parties. 

     Yes, the horn dog liberals are made to go away while the Republican hounds, get to go against their proclaimed "family values" and hump and piss over the furniture or whatever...

     Again, if we didn't have that out of date electing system... we wouldn't be here in the first place.

      But it might help matters if liberals would quit apologizing, being polite, for being BIG HEARTED, LOVING ALL TYPES OF PEOPLE, TREE HUGGERS.  

Practice in the mirror, daily, hourly, however long it takes.

Imagine someone asking, "Are you one of those bleeding heart liberals?"

Your answer should be, "Yes I am! Because I care about the next human being, I care about YOUR welfare.  I care about our planet." Repeat as often as necessary.

     For too long, liberals have apologized about having hearts and compassion.  That's what makes us liberal.  Having a heart and showing compassion as well as feeling compassion for the next human being we meet, is a great, wonderful thing.  It is what life is about.  We acknowledge and believe, what people (often called scientists) have found out through their chosen jobs.  We get, that these people spend more time digging, studying, researching, than most politicians spend in their work.  I could go on...
   So, as for that double standard, how about instead of focusing on the sex life aspect of the new standard; we look at other ways Donald has redefined the expectation of who can be president.  

     Have you seen the movie Ratatouille?  At the beginning, Remy, the rat, is inspired by Chef Gusteaux's proclamation, that "anyone can be a chef." An idea that is misconstrued and ridiculed by other characters in the film, including, Anton Ego, a food critic.  By the end of the film, all come to understand that instead of the idea, that anyone can be a great chef; a great chef, can come from any background. 


     Fact of the matter, that Donald was a businessman and a gameshow host, should not keep him from being president.  (Some see, The Apprentice as a 'reality show", not a "game show." remarked: 

Really?  Not to my perception. 

     However, the fact that he has not read nor understands the Constitution; has no interest in learning about any detail about the job of being president; and can't handle any criticism- those three details alone, those facts, should have been a sign.  

     The notion of a well known personality and or a business person, led some to think of Oprah Winfrey, as a possible future candidate.  I've never heard Oprah say anything mean, much less as cutting as "You're fired!" And last I heard, she's pretty well off... I've never heard about any failed business ventures.  She may have them, all I'm saying is that on first glance, those are two points for her...  

     I've said before, I personally think a person has to have a certain, je ne sais quoi, to entertain the notion of being president.  You have to acknowledge that lives will be lost under your time no matter what your intention.  That fact alone should rule out many. 

     Only time will tell if/when we'll have The Ovaries to Elect A Woman. 

Yet, allow me to share some facts about what I know thus far, of who'll that be. 

~She'll be at least 35 years old. 

~She'll have been born in the United States, and have live in the United States for at least fourteen years prior to office. 

~She'll have a vagina and breasts.  

~Low and behold, she'll have a sex life.  

~I'm willing to bet she'll be married, and if she has kids, they're grown. 

~While she will be the first president that's a woman, she won't be the last.

Here's to the future. 

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