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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

We'd Better Start Thinking...

Oh my my my. 
     This is a re-post for the most part. 
It's not spring yet, but I wrote this 2 years ago, when there were "talks" going on in Washington D.C.  Now the new "healthcare plan" has been released, and I've heard that efforts to do away with Planned Parenthood, are coming up.  
     I wrote this post, originally entitled, "Should We Re-Invent Sex?" with the hope of shedding light on some serious issues, with a humorous touch.  But make no mistake,
taking away Planned Parenthood, is taking away healthcare for millions. And to overturn Roe V. Wade is taking away safety from millions.  Abortions will still happen, and the mortality rate, namely for young women, will go up.  That is a loss of opportunity and promise for us all.  One of those women, may have helped to cure cancer.  It will cost all of us dearly.   

      Rest assure this won't happen without a fight. 

But for now,  I present, Should We Re-Invent Sex?

     Here we go on what I mean and what got me thinking about this.  This is meant in a fun, light, mildly thought provoking way.  Rest assure, there are future posts coming that won't be this light; that will delve deeper into issues.  

     For now, it's spring, and if you look around, you'll see the trees and flowers starting to bud, new grass starting to sprout, and I even saw ducks on the river, pairing off as if on dates.  Even saw a duck giving a drake what for; about what, we can only guess.  Did he not share the morning meal?  Was he checking out another hen?  Maybe he didn't suit her, and she was trying to rid herself of him.
     If you're interested, check out this very interesting article about DUCK MATING
Note: Perhaps, this is where Todd Akin got his idiotic notion.  They were just talking about DUCKS DUMBASS! Ahem.  Sorry.  Back to my post.

Then I saw this video: (Please click on bold letters to be taken to the links.)

"Truth time —..." 

And this one:
"The More She Explains, The Madder I Get.  Why Can't America Have Nice Things?"  (Should have included that in, "Women:  Should We Continue the Human Race Or Get Paid?")

On top of that, there's the thoughts I expressed in, "Why 4 Hours?" Think Grandma might appreciate some reimagining. 

All the while, I have 2 daughters that are in the midst of learning about the

and the...

     With everything going on in the world: on going debates about pro-life/pro-choice; the debates about what constitutes and what should constitute sex education; not to mention the world population ever expanding, creating need that exceeds supply.
     I want to keep my daughters safe, all the while raising them to be well informed, kind, self esteemed young women.

     There are things that happen that counter excess population: wars; plagues; or even mandates that families can only have x amount of offspring.  

     But what if we reinvented sex?  Maybe better put as rephrase, at least.  Change the emphasis if you will. 

     Once upon a time, there was the "Just Say No" campaign.  Initially it was about drugs.  But I think it also came to refer to sex; in an attempt to lower teen pregnancy and curb premarital relations.

That's not what I am suggesting.  
I do not wish to do this:

I know, just like 

there are needs to be met.

However; thanks to all different types of activities, both girls and boys can experience this:

without experiencing this:
This is a gif, that I truly hope is digitally done
that can only happen through the human equivalent of this:
Took this photo, before I realized there were 2 "busy" butterflies 
Nobody even need to get-

Studies have shown that women 
and even men don't always...


So let's acknowledge there are a lot of other ways to... 

by whatever way...(this is not that kind of blog)

that gets your

Nobody need worry about being the size of-
or even...

As long as everyone 
puts on their thinking caps
The Thinking Cap by Will Bullas
gets creative, 
and remember there is other fun to be had than this:                        

 Then, everyone could have lots of: 
and the world would be more like...

Just a thought.

Have a great day!

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