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Monday, May 15, 2017

Where I've Been and My Problem With 10 Million & More.

Perhaps you may ask, where have I been?

Perhaps you don't know or give a hoot.

To that I say-"That's cool."

Nutshell: Bad case of the  Trump; (THANK YOU KATIE!) 2 kids and their dramas; and a new part time paying job.

As I used to often remind an overly dramatic coworker- "Look on the bright side- you're still breathing."

To which he'd reply- "What is that supposed to mean?"

"Consider the alternative" - my only reply.

So, yes. I'm still here.

Working on a novel, a cookbook, and doing my best every day to enjoy the dream I'm living, while  chasing a few others.


Drinking wine... more than a tad... and beer.

Tuning into Joy Ann Reid when I can.

Listening to Stephanie Miller whenever I can.  She's on in the morning, so after I drop my girls off to school, I've been known to take the scenic route home in order to listen to more.

Watching Samantha Bee .  Whenever she's on.  I get frustrated that she's only on for 23 minutes.  Once a week.  And not necessarily every week.

Will never hear enough of these 4 incredibly smart, funny, women.  So, to them, I say:

Thank you, for helping me hold on!

And yes, I'm still fighting, resisting, and hoping, with my eye on the future.

So, if you've stuck with me so far, bet you're wondering:

"What's her problem with 10 Million and more?"

Allow me to explain dear reader-
   By "10 million", I'm referring to the people who did not vote for Donald Trump; but nor did they vote for Hillary.  They voted for Jill Stein, Gary Johnson, or wrote someone else in.   

Then there are those who could, but did not vote.  Not the ones who were held back, but the ones who were apathetic.  The people who believed that both candidates were corrupt, and would mean just different bad news. 

     Here's my problem: if they'd had thought for any amount of time, or maybe even done a tad of research, Donald Trump would doubtfully been discussed to the gut wrenching extent that he is now daily. 


     I often wonder, if Susan Sarandon and others who made similar claims, are content with the way Donald J. Trump has shaken up America. 

       I like Bill Maher, but not long ago, when there was talk about "Hillary coming out of the woods", he made statements about how she should not.  I'm being vague.  If you know what I'm talking about, you know he was not vague.  Now, I've heard him more than once,  gripe that the liberals or whoever had issues with her email malarky - he's mad as hell with them.  He even seems more sympathetic to her than usual.  

     Not sure you can play that fiddle, Bill. 

     Just as there are tapes of all the misogynistic, racist, xenophobic, etc. statements that erupted from Donald J. Trump's mouth over the last two years; I'm pretty certain that one could still play, Bill Maher, or many other liberal media folk, who were only half assed behind Hillary.  Or wanted to present a "non bias" front.  BULLSHITSHITSHITTYSHITSHIT.  

     As for Anderson Cooper's proclamation that he was not voting; don't know if that came to pass- but I can out roll my eyes, more so than Mr. Cooper, any day of the week, over that proclamation, alone.  


     On my bitchy, don't want to hear excuses days, I'm even bitter about Donald Trump being host on Saturday Night Live.  Still, the show is a must see more than ever, if I'm to retain any shred of humor/sanity.  Thank you Kate McKinnon.  Yet, another smart, funny woman, I'll never hear enough of.  
     On my sympathetic, understanding days, I come closer to understanding. 

      After all, in 2008, I was crushed that, in my mind, an inexperienced senator had beaten Hillary Clinton in the primary.  Although, by some records, she won the popular vote of that election too.  Still... I was crushed.  It came down to Barack Obama vs. GOP Sen. John McCain.  I was not too enthused.  At least Senator McCain was an experienced senator and seemed less clueless than "W".  For a week or so, I honestly thought about skipping the general election.  Can you guess what changed that?
The moment I heard Sarah Louise Palin speak.  "What the.... OH HELL NO!"

      That woman got my previously apathetic ass stoked for the idea of wiping my tears over Hillary's loss, and jumping on Barack's, "Yes We Can" train- faster than Ronald's Reaganomics, changed my dad from a life long Republican to a Democrat, circa 1984. 

       SO, WHY DID DONALD JOHN TRUMP NOT SCARE THE HELL OUT OF PEOPLE ENOUGH, to risk an "unbiased view";  or even to vote for THE ONE PERSON who would ensure we would not have such a failed businessman, accused sexual predator, and an "uninformed voter*" for a president?

      I'll never get it.  You can say that Hillary didn't relate or her campaign didn't have a clear message or whatever the f**K...  

    To me, if Sarah Palin, was enough to get me motivated;
Donald J. Trump sure as hell should have lit some fires, with his pussy grabbing, handicap mocking, backward fat assed self. 

So, once again, I say:

Of course, the shirts are still available! 

Hope all is well with you.

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