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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Please Read & Consider

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So, here I go again.  

     It's March 9th, Women's History Month, and we have a "Health Care Plan" that has as part of it, to defund Planned Parenthood.  Someone tell me, whose health will improve from that idea? 

     Interesting notion that Trump brings out the plan that states loud and clear, THAT HE DOES NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT WOMEN, during National Women's History Month.

     Again, tell me how are we going to improve our country's economical state, when we hinder half the population of self autonomy, and make it difficult for even more to obtain healthcare?  

All words in bold RED are links. 

     If you don't know about the above stilettos, please read, WHERE THE FLIP TO BEGIN? 

     Defunding Planned Parenthood should be enough for all to say NO to the ENTIRE PLAN. 

     Just as Secretary Clinton said more than 20 years ago, 
The above quote is a link to a great article

I think it should be known that all "women's issues"  DO AFFECT YOU.  Meaning; EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, WOMEN AND MEN.

I just don't get why people don't get this. 

     I wrote about my experience with Planned Parenthood, in,

     Not that it is anyone's business, but I have never had an abortion.  I support a person's choice to have one, just as I support a person's choice to get a vasectomy, a tubal ligation, or Viagra.  Because it's none of my business, why a person wants a vasectomy, a tubal ligation, or get Viagra.  I will not be there, and will not deal with the consequences.  

     I just will never understand why a person thinks it's their place, or right to pass judgement, or hinder a stranger's decision about their body, and their health. 
     I've written about abortion, in:

If you need levity after reading these, check out Why 4 Hours? or Dicks Are The Trouble

To end on an interesting idea...

If you haven't already, please read, 

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