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Monday, April 11, 2022

Testicle Crushers UNITE!

This post was published two years ago.  Sadly, it's time to post again. 
Extreme? Hmmm...

If you don't know what stilettos have to do with crushing testicles, READ HERE.     Or HERE.

But really, it's not extreme when you consider, that in this day and age, the fact that 200 MILLION WOMEN AND GIRLS have endured the horrors of FEMALE GENITALIA MUTILATION WORLD WIDE. 

IN CASE YOU'RE NOT A MATH MAJOR... Given that our population is roughly 7.5 Billion, so roughly 3.75 billion of them are female...


     If that fact is not enough to make you shudder, regardless of your gender, let me put it another way.

     Let's say, that every one of those 200 million women and girls lived in the United States of America.

The current U.S Population is 326,419,187. 

     So, that means if genders, female/male, are roughly 50/50; either the United States could not house all the females that have had their clitorises and vaginas mutilated; females would account for more than two thirds of the population; or the population would be 25% more people.  

     Imagine, a country where half the population had no chance EVER, throughout their existence in this life, on this planet, of sexual physical pleasure. 

     Because make no mistake; that is what genitalia mutilation does.  

     MEN: Imagine NEVER getting/having an orgasm.  Not as a boy or a man masturbating.  Not as a man having sexual relations with a female, male, or by yourself. 

     This post is not about female genitalia mutilation.  Nothing else dispels the notion that we're all more or less considered equal, quite as starkly.  To show, that even if it's not next door, it still affects us.  We know too much, to turn an apathetic eye on what we know is wrong.  What this post is, is yet another plea, for everyone to think about everyone else, in compassionate, empathetic, enlightened terms.  In terms as if a situation, was their own situation.  

     If you still find the title offensive, or it still seems extreme, consider, how women would feel if they had no choice.
     No choice to protect their bodies from disease.
     No choice in deciding when they turn their body into a host.
     No choice, to when to best coordinate when to take time away from a money paying job, or a career they are building to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones.

     And just like the other half of the population, (men) we are individuals who are varied in our looks, our likes, our thoughts, our beliefs; and the list goes on.

Women in Ohio, recently got dramatic.

     You do not need to be "pro abortion", to comprehend what would happen to our economy if we were to eradicate the procedure, or make it difficult to obtain.  Abortion, needs to be safe, legal, available and private as many other medical procedures. "Pro-abortion" is a phrase conjured up to paint with a gargantuan brush a scenario that is complex and varied as the individuals that desire or require the relatively simple medical procedure.

Half the population of humans deserve more respect.

A lot more.

     To focus on abortion is to not acknowledge that half the population have brains, and are capable of making decisions for themselves.

     What if we started "pro vasectomy"?  After all a vasectomy is reversible.  So why not require males of a certain age, say 15 years, to get vasectomies?  Why should we trust that their parents are going to educate them about preventing babies?  That way, "boys can be boys," without making babies.  Of course general diseases... not so much, but no matter... When they marry, thus, prove they are serious about commitment, and mature; and are prepared to bring about the the next generation and can raise the next generation in that ideal scenario.  Whatever that is.

     What if some senator started that idea, and worked on legislation to bring about that?  Wouldn't that be better than not educating kids about their bodies and not providing birth control?   Each state could have a maturity judging board, to decide upon the reversal procedure.

Just a thought.

With the roll out of the laughable, cringe worthy proposed AHCA; if passed, there are going to have to be some changes in ways that many may have not considered.

As a mother of daughters, I need to think of their futures.  

So, I'm starting with making sure my daughters know well, the simple fact that DICKS ARE THE TROUBLE. 

     In the blockbuster film Wonder Woman there is a scene where Diana tells Steve that she's "read all 12 volumes of Cleo's treatises on body and pleasure." and points out the fact, that while "the male is required for procreation; HE IS NOT AT ALL NECESSARY FOR PHYSICAL PLEASURE."

      Now, while much of the film is fiction, and that little bit of human physiology is not regularly acknowledged by society, it is fact.  You can look it up, if you don't believe me. 
Side note: I've always found the notion of a "man 'giving' a woman an orgasm," laughable.  

I'll say it yet again: Yes, I am happily married and I love men.  

And just so we're clear, it's not just men, or Republicans, who underestimate the importance of choice for women. 

But to take away a woman's options is nothing more that an attempt to control her. 

I've known women, who are Democrats, who always want to clarify that they disagree with abortion.  They know of a woman who:
    -had multiple abortions prior to graduating high school/college/turning any age before 21. 
    -had an abortion, and regretted the decision.   

     While I sympathize with anyone who's experienced any of these scenarios; I do not see that as justification to take away the option.  

    For a young woman, perhaps her parents, and the parents of the boy that was involved, should have taught their children more explicitly about the human body.  Perhaps the parents should have acknowledged that the heightened hormone levels of adolescence do not always meet with good judgment.  Perhaps condoms should have been provided to both boy and girl just like vitamins and deodorant. 

    Regardless if all these precautions were met, and a pregnancy resulted, doesn't change the fact that babies having babies, are much more likely to live a life in poverty. 

The FACT that it costs on average $233,610, to raise 1 child from birth to 18.  (No, that does not include college or hospital costs of delivery.)  leads me to what I see as plain as the nose on my face:

  If a woman is forced to have an expense of a quarter of a million dollars, THAT IMPACTS THE ECONOMY OF EVERYONE. 

Think about it. 
     In the best situations, when there is a loving couple, and they have a child, it still costs more than just the two of them.  Housing, food, clothes, entertainment, medical expense, etc. etc.  Even when there are two parents, to balance careers, and home life is a struggle.   There's still only 24 hours a day.  There's never enough time, time goes fast, and priorities are set.  Every decision impacts the money, the money impacts every decision.  The money that's saved; the money that's spent.

          So, if women are forced to a decision that will impact their (and their spouse's) educational options, their jobs options, etc. how can that not impact the entire economy?

     To put it plainly, if half the population does not have autonomy when the other half does; equality does not exist.  Nor can it. 

     I know I'm not the only one to acknowledge this truth. 

     Journalist Rebecca Traister, expressed it in her article, Will We Abandon Women's Rights in the Name of Progressive Politics?

     You cannot call yourself a Democrat, and certainly not a Progressive if you do not see the simple fact that having a child impacts the economy in many different ways.  That is doesn't end with just the child or the woman that birthed that child.  To deny, or just to glaze over or not acknowledge that fact is like leaving out one factor of a math equation.  

     We will never have our optimum economy, and certainly not economic equality, or any kind of equality for that matter, if we constrain half of the population.  By whatever means. 

     Don't worry, I'm not out to crush anyone's privates or impart rules over them.  I just ask why my gender does not deserve the same consideration.

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