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Friday, April 8, 2022


It's Friday...so time for some fun!

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     Considering how many posts that I've done concerning products for men; (Galactic Cap; Sex Fit; Google Glance; and of course Why 4 Hours?) when I saw EVA, "The First Hands-free, Strap-free, Non-Instrusive Couples' Vibrator", knew I had to write about it.  I do not have any first hand experience with Eva, just as I don't with any of the other aforementioned products; there are those who do, and seem to be very happy with it.  I just wanted to let women know about a product for them; especially after recent news of the FDA approving a "Female Viagra".  More on that in a moment, but first:




                           "Do a little dance, make a little love, GET DOWN TONIGHT."

Not so fast.

Where to start?

Well, if governments succeed in some of their plans, it's going to be damned difficult to get birth control. 

At the risk of insulting anyone's intelligence, "penis in vagina" is how you make babies.

Also, it may come to a point that getting an abortion is not an easy, legal, safe, private option.

So, this is what that means to women everywhere.  If you want to have the kind of sex that involves a penis in the vagina, because you want to be close to a man, in that way, you'd better be prepared to be a mommy.  Of course, he could always don a condom.  Actually he better damn well.  Fella's, if you're a 
Dan Tosh, or Jim Jeffries type; GROW UP.
Yes, Mr. Tosh and Mr. Jeffries, I know this is just part of your stand up routines.  I'll see you're cavalier attitude, and raise you an  Amy Schumer and Natasha Leggero.  Thank you ladies.

Here's some good news though, the penis in the vagina, is the only way to create life, (without enlisting some very expensive experts).  However, you can have loads of fun without the penis in the vagina type of sex. PLEASE READ: ... RE-INVENT SEX

Even more to the point, it is difficult for some women to have orgasm through penis in the vagina type sex.

But not other types of sex.

Of course there's that G Spot.  Or maybe not.  <- 9="" i="">Link to HuffPost Article)
Honestly?  I suspect it may be a conspiracy to encourage women to engage in the penis in vagina sex.  Because low and behold you've heard how toe curling, body quaking, earth shattering orgasm you'll get with a G Spot orgasm.  

Uh huh.

One problem:  Do women have it or not?  
Yes, yes, I've heard "Yes, you just gotta really look for it, and what fun that exploration can be!"
Really? Men and directions? 
Or, "Some do and some don't; but let's not put pressure on the woman to have a Gspot orgasm, when not everyone has one."
Is that supposed to sound supportive?
To: "Studies are not conclusive as to whether or not The G Spot actually exists."  
Gee thanks.


We're not looking for life on Mars.  

We're talking about the human body of more than half the world's population.  

If orgasm is the name of the game, and why should't it be? Thank you Nicki Minaj.  If you tell me you're one that is content with just being close, and intimate, and blah, blah, blah; I'll say "fine".  I'll also say you've probably never had an orgasm.   

If that's the case, then it's time for you to get to know you.  Life is short, have fun.  If you don't like the word "masturbation," scrap it, and call it whatever you like.  Because in this case,

it is all about you.

As far as that little pink pill goes... 
Saw that it was turned down twice by the FDA and before that, it was turned down as an anti-depressant.  You must take it every day, and every day you must abstain from all alcohol.  Lest you want to make a habit of passing out.  Then maybe, just maybe in 6 months, you'll notice a change in your libido.  

For our friends at the FDA, please take this in the nicest way possible:  
Found this little gem on the  image page for "emoji for middle finger"

Then here's an article and video about that little pink pill:

"Little Pink Pill Hard To Swallow"
I find it interesting that Eva was created by women for women; where as the only doctor I saw talking about flibanserin, (the techie name for the little pink pill) was a man.  Why did they make a pill to work on a woman's brain; when all the little blue pills work on a man's penis?  Why not make a pill that increases blood flow to the women's vulva and clitoris?  Why not one for the man's brain?  Huhhhh?

Also note, that Eva's Indiegogo Campaign surpassed its fundraising goal by more than 1000%.  Galactic Cap, had to extend their fund raising time from one to two months, and then only managed to raise 101% of their goal.  If that's not a great lesson on supply and demand; I don't know what is.  Oh, and an update as of January 2016, Galactic Cap, has had do a complete makeover.  It's really not even a cap anymore; it's more like a bandaid with a reservoir.   Yeah, have fun removing that from your nether region boys.

And lastly a beautifully done articulation of Susie Essman's thoughts on the matter:

Have a fun weekend.

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